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EU-UNICEF 'Voices of Children in Emergencies' campaign

Voices of Children in Emergencies

Every year, the European Union and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) work together to help children in crisis zones during their hour of greatest need. We provide healthcare, nutrition, clean water, and education. We strive to protect them from violence and to (re)create their hope. But we can only do so if these children's stories are heard ― their brave struggles for survival in the midst of humanitarian emergencies.

On 15 May 2014, the EU and UNICEF launched the 'Voices of Children in Emergencies' campaign, a joint initiative aimed at sharing the experiences of children living through natural disasters, food crises and armed conflicts. Celebrities such as Ewan McGregor, Pau Gasol, and Robert Lewandowski will be actively involved in the campaign, promoting the children's stories. Citizens worldwide will also be encouraged to share those stories through their own networks, in support of those boys' and girls' brave struggles. The campaign will be rolled out across Europe, focusing mainly on in six EU Member States: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

The EU has been working closely with UNICEF for over 20 years to extend immediate assistance to children and women affected by humanitarian crises. Our strong partnership has benefitted millions in over 55 countries with food and nutrition aid, healthcare, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services, protection from violence, cash transfers, disaster risk reduction, preparedness and resilience building.

Each of us can make a difference. Share the children's stories. Help them raise their voices.

Goodwill Ambassador Ewan McGregor lends his voice to Mustafa, a boy whose country fell into civil war years ago


Aya – Palestino-Syrian refugee girl in Lebanon


Michel – Filipino boy affected by Typhoon Haiyan


Chamsia – Young mother from Niger


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