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Life for refugees in Lebanon becoming increasingly harsh

As an experienced humanitarian worker, I’m used to working with refugees and people displaced by conflict around the world. Their living conditions are always difficult and daily life is always a struggle. Donors like the European Union fund...

In Ukraine, children suffer as conflict continues

"Earth was shaking. Mom grabbed me and we ran. I was scared and was crying. I am allowed to go outside only for five minutes every day. Mom is very worried about me as there is shelling almost every day. I do not know what happened to our house",...

Finding safety and food in Cameroon: The story of Hadidja

A dusty road in eastern Cameroon leads to Gbiti, a small village at the border with the Central African Republic (CAR). The village is home to more than 4 000 refugees of the bloody conflict which erupted over a year ago in CAR. Like in all of the...

Ebola: the EU in one voice

It is 09:57am, Brussels time. The Ebola Task Force daily meeting is about to start in the Crisis Room of the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC). The clocks on the wall mark the time in countries around the...

Dans la vallée de la Bekaa, «L’hiver va être rude»

De son œil valide, Abu Abbas fixe le cendrier posé sur la natte. Un jeune garçon autiste court autour de lui dans la tente. A sa droite, une fenêtre a été découpée dans la plaque d’aggloméré qui fait office de mur. Elle laisse passer un faible...