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Emergency numbers


Slovenia has adopted the European emergency call number 112 in 1997.

The direct number to the Police is 113, however, the police can be reached also via the 112 emergency number.

The ACPDR is responsible for the operation of the system, which consists of the Emergency Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia and 13 Regional Emergency Notification Centres.

The main tasks of the Emergency Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia are to monitor events and to issue alerts and warnings when emergencies occur. The centre is also a Slovenian 24/7 contact point for international organisations in the area of civil protection, and for international mechanisms to coordinate disaster relief assistance, including the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

13 Regional Emergency Notification Centres are situated in 13 regional offices of the ACPDR. These centres respond to emergency 112 calls and can activate all protection and rescue units, including the special units of the fire brigades for so-called technical rescuing (following emergencies such as car accidents, fires in tunnels, accidents with chemicals, and so on).

The centres are directly connected to the Emergency Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia, which intervenes in the management of the information flow, whenever a state coordination is required in an emergency. In each of the centres, there is a powerful Geographical Information System called GIS_UJME with more than 120 data layers, which is especially important for search and rescue purposes. Operational since 2007, the system allows the exact location of the caller to be identified, when using a stationary telephone, and the identification of the transmitter ofthe caller's mobile telephone. In 2009 a so-called "WAP 112 call" solution was introduced, which enables the hearing impaired to use the 112 single European emergency call number.

A system for the identification of the coordinates of incoming calls exists, which can also be used in order to locate and identify the authors of fake calls.

Operators in centres can communicate in English. Requests for assistance in Hungarian or Italian are transferred to the regions bordering Hungary or Italy, where operators speak either of these languages. Similarly, communication in German can be organised.

There are 131 persons employed altogether in the Emergency Notification Centres in Slovenia.

List of contacts

Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (ACPDR) - Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (Uprava RS za zaščito in reševanje - Ministrstvo za obrambo Republike Slovenije)
Address: Vojkova cesta 61, SI 1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 471 3322
Fax: +386 1 431 8117
Web page:

Emergency Notification Centre
Telephone: +386 1 471 3261
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