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Emergency numbers


Austria has adopted 112 as its main emergency number.

The general emergency number operates in German and English.
Other numbers include:

  • 122 Fire brigade
  • 133 The police
  • 140 The mountain rescue
  • 144 Medical emergency.

Additionally the Federal Alarm Centre that has been part of the Operations and Crisis Coordination Centre (EKC) at the Federal Ministry of the Interior since the beginning of 2006 has clearly defined tasks within the warning and alerting system to be operated jointly by the federal and provincial governments, i.e.:

  • to recognise hazardous situations
  • to give out warnings
  • to give out alerts
  • to coordinate tasks in disaster prevention
  • to become active within supraregional and international disaster relief.

The Federal Alarm Centre acts as contact point as defined in bilateral and multilateral disaster relief and radiation protection agreements for:

  • reporting on incidents and accidents
  • reporting on occurrences that may generate anxiety in the population
  • ways of cooperation
  • possible assistance in the case of a disaster.

Should a supraregional or international disaster or crisis occur, the Federal Alarm Centre serves as a:

  • reporting, coordinating and liaison point for the provincial alarm centres
  • central information exchange between all bodies concerned in Austria and abroad
  • message relay centre for the National Crisis Management Board in case of crises.

The Provincial Alarm Centres are civil protection centres at the provincial level. Their task is to warn and alert the public in case of imminent danger and to coordinate rescue and relief forces during major disasters or catastrophes.

List of contacts

National Civil Protection Authorities
Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium für Inneres)
Department II/4, Civil Protection, Crisis and Disaster Protection Management (Zivilschutz, Krisen- und Katastrophenschutzmanagement)
Address: Herrengasse 7, Postfach 100, A-1014 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 1 531 26 3657
Fax: +43 1 531 26 3476
PC Fax: +43 1 531 26 10 8563

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