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Syria: For Those Who Fled East Aleppo, the Suffering Continues

Aleppo Response by ECHO
Between July and December, with the exception of approximately a fortnight in August, the eastern neighbourhood was under siege. Bombs and mortars...

A friendship born in dance

Nazia and Rolian by IRC
Nazia and Rolian* bonded over their love for dance. The two 16-year-old girls - one from Afghanistan, the other from Syria - practice Zumba moves to...

The EU helps Peru respond to widespread floods affecting over a million people

Emergency kits delivery by CARE
The EU has disbursed €1 million in emergency humanitarian aid, deployed civil protection experts and facilitated European donations in kind,...

Building a new future through education in Greece

Farhad and his son Samem
Sitting on the floor of a small apartment in downtown Athens, 47-year-old Farhad Nawabi* dwells upon his days of ceaseless movement in rural...

Yemen: Combatting Severe Malnutrition with Clean Water

Relief International Yemen
Hajjah governorate is one of the worst-affected places in Yemen. Water shortages have caused outbreaks of skin disease because people do not have...


Mothers against malnutrition by Alima
The Sahel has one of the world’s highest rates of acute child malnutrition: every year, 1.4 million children suffer from the most severe form of the...


DRC Foires alimentaires
ACTED collabore depuis plusieurs années avec la Commission européenne en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC). Grâce à son soutien, un projet...


Flash floods in Malawi by Coopi
In February 2017, after a year of severe drought linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon, Salima district in central Malawi experienced flash floods...


Refugee children go to school in Greece by IOM
Since October 2016, the European Commission has helped the Greek authorities to facilitate access to education for refugee children in Greece.


IRC community health worker
In June 2012, widespread violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine State led to the displacement of 145 000 people.

/echo/file/emergency-social-safety-net-giving-refugees-choice_frEmergency Social Safety Net: giving refugees choice

Emergency Social Safety Net: giving refugees choice
The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), EU's biggest humanitarian aid project, helps vulnerable refugees living in Turkey by providing them with...

/echo/file/helping-drought-affected-communities-sindh-pakistan_frHelping drought affected communities in Sindh, Pakistan

Helping drought affected communities in Sindh, Pakistan
In Sindh, a province in southeast Pakistan, two towns - Umerkot and Tharparkar - have been affected by recurring droughts in recent years. With...

/echo/file/refugee-children-lebanon-bust-move_frRefugee children in Lebanon bust a move!

Refugee children in Lebanon bust a move!
Syrian refugees and the host community in Lebanon come together in community centres around the country to participate in activities and access...

/echo/file/improving-lives-western-colombia-s-indigenous-emberra-communities_frImproving the lives of western Colombia’s indigenous Emberra communities

Improving the lives of western Colombia’s indigenous Emberra communities
Colombia’s ongoing conflict and violence has caused 345 271 new forced displacements in the past 2 years alone. Indigenous communities are often the...

/echo/file/greek-locals-welcome-refugee-families_frGreek locals welcome refugee families

Greek locals welcome refugee families
In Kilkis, a small town in northern Greece, refugee families uprooted by conflict in Syria are welcomed by locals, volunteers, and members of the...