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Uganda: Running the fastest growing refugee settlement in the world

Across the border, Uganda is bearing the brunt of the violence in South Sudan. In just a few months, the mass influx of refugees from South Sudan...

Joy amid uncertainty: Syrian women enter motherhood in displacement

Fatima (right) and Rasha (left) are visited by a UNFPA coordinator after the birth of their daughters. The babies were born on the same day.
Many families have ended up in displacement camps, host communities or over the border in neighbouring Iraq. Yet in some ways, Fatima and Rasha are...

Syria: Water for the Displaced

Children in front of a tank used for safe storage of water for drinking and washing. Medair has distributed household water storage kits to 175 families.
I had been in Syria for months before I received my first security approval to travel to one of Medair’s project sites. Our Syrian staff members...

Helping women migrants regain their sense of dignity

Women feel safe and are happy to cooperate with our community engagement team
Though she approached me with such a big smile and ease about her, it was only after some minutes that I realised who she was.Sadia was the same...

How Colombia’s Wayuu female relief workers battle a 7-year drought

Mother and child in Colombia
Scant infrastructure means that Wayuu families, scattered over a vast, arid territory in “Rancherias” (desert farms) struggle to reach public...


Children attend school in Assam, India
Home to a multitude of different tribes and ethnic groups, north-eastern India has witnessed multiple insurgencies and a series of ethnic conflicts...


Malnutrition is responsible for around 35% of all deaths in children under the age of five worldwide.


In a disaster simulation in Kyrgyzstan, first aid teams are dispatched to different locations across the hamlet, where serious injuries have been reported. This man, for example, is supposed to have broken his leg.
With its vast mountain ranges, grasslands, steppes, deserts and large river systems, Central Asia is particularly exposed to natural disasters.


A volunteer with Action Against Hunger visits a household in Maiduguri where a displaced family lives.   She explains to the mother the basic measures to avoid children from getting sick, and shows her how the multi-coloured band helps measure the child’s
The situation in northeast Nigeria is beyond alarming. An estimated 5.1 million people are in need of food assistance in 2017.


Cash transfers in Guatemala help families to buy nutritious food and also stimulate the local economy
In Guatemala's ‘dry corridor’, recurrent drought has forced many people to leave their homes in search of work. Now, the World Food Programme...

/echo/file/eu-aid-iraq-medical-care-people-fleeing-mosul_enEU aid in Iraq: medical care for people fleeing Mosul

EU aid in Iraq: medical care for people fleeing Mosul
As the military operations to retake Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) continue, protection and assistance of civilians...

/echo/file/refugees-dream-stand-united-team_enRefugees dream to stand united as a team

Refugees dream to stand united as a team
Refugee communities are best placed to identify and propose the most efficient ways to improve their own everyday lives. In Trikala, Central Greece,...

/echo/file/improving-life-displaced-somalis_enImproving life for displaced Somalis

Improving life for displaced Somalis
Conflict and drought have driven 1.1 million Somalis from their homes and into over-crowded settlements around the capital Mogadishu and other nearby...

/echo/file/clean-water-wayuu-people-colombia_enClean water for the Wayuu people of Colombia

Clean water for the Wayuu people of Colombia
La Guajira, Colombia, is home to the indigenous Wayuu people. A humanitarian crisis has resulted from seven years of drought; in 2016, 86 children...

/echo/file/providing-emergency-assistance-refugees-serbia_enProviding emergency assistance to refugees in Serbia

Providing emergency assistance to refugees in Serbia
With the closure of the Western Balkans migration route in early 2016, the number of refugees stranded in Serbia now stands at over 7 500. The EU has...