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“I hate war and weapons. They took away my education.” The EU and UNICEF help thousands of children in Syria cope with years of conflict.

Six months ago, as violence escalated near their home, Abdullah and his family were faced with another challenge. Together with his parents and six...

Mali: "European humanitarian aid treats 80 000 children each year whose lives are threatened by malnutrition."

expert Marion Saurel gives a presentation on malnutrition
What are the different types of malnutrition?Several forms of malnutrition exist between growth deficits and micronutrient deficiencies. But the two...

Cash as a lifeline for Syrian families in Lebanon

Aman left Syria in 2012 with her children. They crossed the border, registered with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and took their papers...

Back to School in Jordan

Munir Ahmed al-Mahmoud, a volunteer teacher
Muddy shoes pile up at the entrance of the small tent as morning classes are about to begin. A group of children, all Syrian refugees, listen...

"Pen instead of a sword": education to overcome hardships

Luay, young zorro by Unicef Turkey
Luay and his family fled the war in Syria. He says that he "will never return to Syria. There are planes there.” He hates the sounds of planes. Life...


Volcan de Fuego eruptions in Guatemala
On 3 June 2018, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano blew up in one of the most violent series of eruptions in a century.


Seven years after the world’s youngest nation gained independence, fighting, sexual violence and human rights abuses continue unabated in South Sudan.


The conflict in eastern Ukraine is in its fifth year with no end in sight. Although media attention has shifted and the conflict no longer features...


Northeast Nigeria Education in Emergencies
Nine years into the conflict wreaking havoc in northeast Nigeria, about 1.7 million people remain uprooted and depend heavily on humanitarian...


Vocational training gives Sudanese refugees in Chad a livelihood and autonomy
Farchana refugee camp in eastern Chad measures 1.7 square kilometres, about the size of 19 football pitches.

/echo/file/surviving-drought-mauritania-real-nutritional-challenge_enSurviving the drought in Mauritania, a real nutritional challenge

Surviving the drought in Mauritania, a real nutritional challenge
This year, the Sahel faces a serious crisis due to a combination of erratic rains, price inflation and insecurity. The number of people in a...

/echo/file/jordan-refugee-s-digital-story_enJordan: a refugee’s digital story

Jordan: a refugee’s digital story
Around 5.6 million Syrians have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries. Many challenges await them as they start their new lives, not...

/echo/file/new-health-clinics-help-rohingya-refugees-and-local-people-stay-healthy_enNew health clinics help Rohingya refugees and local people to stay healthy

New health clinics help Rohingya refugees and local people to stay healthy
With the help of European Union humanitarian aid funding, Save the Children is building new health clinics in Bangladesh to help Rohingya refugees...

/echo/file/drones-humanitarian-action-0_enDrones in humanitarian action

Drones in humanitarian action
Malawi is a small country in southern Africa with a population of 14 million people who mainly rely on agriculture as a means of subsistence. In 2017...

/echo/file/communities-malawi-take-control-against-effects-climate-change_enCommunities in Malawi take control against the effects of climate change

Communities in Malawi take control against the effects of climate change
Communities in Malawi have come together to fight the effects of climate change and ensure they don't go hungry when hit by floods and drought....