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Eastern Ukraine: Traumatised children find education and counselling at school

Katia with her mother Natalia
Katia Ananieva, a pupil, spends her evenings drawing, playing with a cat or doing her homework in a private house with stove heating in the village...

Giving girls the tools to stay safe in post-earthquake Nepal

Young girls in Nepal perform in a play about effects of alcoholism during the workshop. They create their own songs, dances and themes focusing on health and safety issues they had learnt during the programme.
On a cold November day, seven girls stand on a stage in front of their community singing and dancing to a song they wrote about sanitation. Here in...

Getting my family through the Kenyan drought

Tumme in Kutur, Marsabit County, Kenya.
“We have been in this state of drought for almost 4 years now. Before when it would rain, we would sell our livestock and use the money to buy food...

Relief for Colombia’s deadliest landslide in 30 years

EU programme officer for Colombia Andres Trivino assessing immediate humanitarian needs in Mocoa, Colombia
Just a few hours after the landslide, ACF personnel were already delivering much-needed assistance. More than 1 500 families lost everything in a...

Using education to help children of war recover in Greece

When things turn ugly it is usually the role of parents to comfort their children. But when fleeing war, even young children can be mature enough to...


A girl carries a bundle of grass back home in the late afternoon at the Protection of Civilians site (PoC), near Bentiu, South Sudan, February 12, 2017. Some 200 000 internally displaced people are living in PoCs at UN Mission compounds across the country
War and a collapsing economy have left some 100 000 people facing starvation in parts of South Sudan where famine has now been declared.


One of the inhabitants in the gloomy fortress-like building is Amina, 37. In 2015, she fled her village in Syria with her husband and three daughters. With the family savings running out, a cash grant of around $100 (USD) per month now allows her to stay
Iraq is facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, with 11 million people—nearly one-third of its population—in need of immediate...


Ebola survivors tell their tales
Guinea’s Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of Ebola on March 23, 2014. The virus went on to infect more than 28,000 people across West Africa.


Children attend school in Assam, India
Home to a multitude of different tribes and ethnic groups, north-eastern India has witnessed multiple insurgencies and a series of ethnic conflicts...


Malnutrition is responsible for around 35% of all deaths in children under the age of five worldwide.

/echo/file/ex-child-soldiers-learn-new-skills_enEx-child soldiers learn new skills

Ex-child soldiers learn new skills
Conflict is ever-present in Somalia where armed groups continue to recruit young boys and girls. Recently released, 900 children are being taught new...

/echo/file/nepal-path-recovery_enNepal: A path to recovery

Nepal: A path to recovery
In April 2015, central Nepal was struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake and several major aftershocks which killed more than 9 000 people. More than...

/echo/file/library-greece-opens-new-chapter-refugees-lives_enA library in Greece opens a new chapter in refugees’ lives

A library in Greece opens a new chapter in refugees’ lives
With the support of EU Humanitarian Aid, UNHCR - the UN Refugee Agency - assisted the refugee community in Philippiada, western Greece, to create a...

/echo/file/turkey-overcoming-language-barriers-health-care-syrian-refugees_enTurkey: Overcoming language barriers in health care for Syrian refugees

Turkey: Overcoming language barriers in health care for Syrian refugees
Access basic health care is one of the major concerns of the over 3 million refugees in Turkey. While emergency hospital treatment in Turkey is free...

/echo/file/training-health-workers-combat-under-nutrition-mali_enTraining health workers to combat under-nutrition in Mali

Training health workers to combat under-nutrition in Mali
How do you fight a disease if you do not have medical staff properly trained on how to treat it? In many areas of the vast Sahelian band, this is an...