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Life on Ukraine's frontline: Losing a son and home within four days

Valentina Petrovna lost her son and her home in the space of four days
Before conflict broke out, Valentina Petrovna worked as a cook in Donetsk. There she lived with her relatives and but would return home to...

Delivering Critical Aid to Vulnerable Somalis

Biometric data is used to ensure that registered people receive entitlements
Khadija Maalliim Ali is 25, divorced, jobless and singlehandedly raising six children. She lives with her sister, also a single mother with 4...

Women and girls need safe and peaceful spaces in Greece

Female safe spaces provide women with an environment which is free from prejudice and harm.
Living in close quarters with other men means that women’s movement and behaviour is closely scrutinised and if their reputation is perceived of...

Caring for the Most Vulnerable: Protection in Latin America

Maria explains that “Latin America and the Caribbean is a region which highlights three main issues in terms of protection: 'Other Situations of...

More than Onion and Bread: E-Food Cards for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Şanliurfa province in south-eastern Turkey is home to some 400 000 Syrian refugees. This makes it the region with the largest population of Syrian...


Cash transfers in Guatemala help families to buy nutritious food and also stimulate the local economy
In Guatemala's ‘dry corridor’, recurrent drought has forced many people to leave their homes in search of work. Now, the World Food Programme...


Afghan girls are now given the opportunity to attend school thanks to an education in emergencies initiative
For many years, scores of Afghan children have been deprived of their right to education due to the longstanding conflict and the displacement of...


EU firefighters attend a ceremony of thanks in Santiago, Chile, before returning to Europe.
On Sunday 12 February, the Chilean government offered an act of recognition to the firefighters of the European Union who collaborated in the fight...


EU deploys a team to fight the worst forest fires in 50 years
The European Union activated its European Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCP) to assist Chile with the worst forest fires in 50 years, responding to...


The EU humanitarian and civil protection teams closely cooperate with the United Nations Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarians Affairs (UN-OCHA).
More than three months after the start of the Mosul offensive, the biggest ground offensive in Iraq since the US-led invasion of 2003, Iraqi army...

/echo/file/refugee-children-greece-learn-language-their-host-country_enRefugee children in Greece learn the language of their host country

Refugee children in Greece learn the language of their host country
International Mother Language Day reminds us that linguistic diversity opens up true understanding of every culture. At the non-formal school of...

/echo/file/kawther-we-abandoned-everything-it-took-us-25-years-build_enKawther: “We abandoned everything it took us 25 years to build.”

Kawther: “We abandoned everything it took us 25 years to build.”
Fifty-year-old Kawther Jahwani was forced from her home in Homs, Syria by airstrikes that threatened her family. She escaped to Reyhanli in Turkey –...

/echo/file/nizar-when-i-wear-my-costume-i-feel-strong_enNizar: “When I wear my costume I feel strong.”

Nizar: “When I wear my costume I feel strong.”
For many, the moment they had to flee their homes amidst the fighting in Syria was one of choices: what to bring with them. For 5-year-old Nizar...

/echo/file/eu-teams-help-bring-chiles-worst-wildfires-50-years-under-control_enEU teams help bring Chile's worst wildfires in 50 years under control

EU teams help bring Chile's worst wildfires in 50 years under control
An exceptionally warm, dry and windy summer in the southern hemisphere caused a spate of forest fires in Chile. Since July 2016, there have been 3177...

/echo/file/helping-bangladesh-better-prepare-natural-disasters_enHelping Bangladesh Better Prepare for Natural Disasters

Helping Bangladesh Better Prepare for Natural Disasters
When it comes to natural disasters, few countries are as exposed as Bangladesh. From floods to cyclones and earthquakes, the country is among the...