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Refugee children in Lebanon bust a move!

/echo/file/refugee-children-lebanon-bust-move_enRefugee children in Lebanon bust a move!

Syrian refugees and the host community in Lebanon come together in community centres around the country to participate in activities and access services. Mona and Ahmad are outreach volunteers with UNHCR, and support their Syrian refugee community by organising activities in the Mazbout community centre in Mount Lebanon. The centre caters to all age groups; Ahmad, Qusai and Mohammed are three kids who come together in the same centre to learn how to breakdance.

With support from EU Humanitarian Aid and other donors, UNHCR has been able to supports 82 community and social development centres across Lebanon. These have benefitted over 65 000 refugees in 2016, and the Lebanese host community.

Video by UNHCR

Last updated 11/08/2017