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Emergency Social Safety Net: giving refugees choice

/echo/file/emergency-social-safety-net-giving-refugees-choice_enEmergency Social Safety Net: giving refugees choice

The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), EU's biggest humanitarian aid project, helps vulnerable refugees living in Turkey by providing them with a family debit card on which credit is uploaded every month to meet their most pressing basic needs. The most important advantage of this way of delivering aid, in addition to the cost efficiency of the cash transfer, is providing families in need with the dignity to decide themselves how best to use the money they receive, be it to cover essential needs like food, rent or utility bills.

The ESSN was launched on 26 September 2016 and already more than 850 000 vulnerable refugees benefit from it. This regular income makes a huge difference for the most vulnerable refugees who left everything they had behind and fled their home countries to seek refuge. Aysel from Syria is one of them. She applied for assistance through the ESSN and received her card with monthly transfers of 120 Turkish Lira (roughly €30) per household member. Families also receive additional cash transfers every three months. The flexibility of this assistance is very important for her as a single mother of two children. Thanks to this regular income, she has greater peace of mind and the power to make her own choices on how best to provide for her family.

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Last updated 26/09/2017