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Since 2009, the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations have spearheaded a response to nutritional crises in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC).


DRC malnutrition
Due to extreme poverty and a crumbling health care system, DRC’s population is highly vulnerable to acute malnutrition: 4.2 million children in Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) suffer from acute malnutrition, a silent crisis of staggering proportions...


Tonga cyclone Gita
Tropical Cyclone Gita swept across the small archipelago nation of Tonga in mid-February. With winds of up to 285 kilometres per hour, the cyclone caused widespread damage across large parts of the Pacific country, leaving many homeless and without...


Rohignyas in Bangladesh © WFP/Saikat_Mojumder
Rohignyas in Bangladesh © WFP/Saikat_Mojumder
Since late August, Bangladesh has witnessed an unprecedented influx of Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh's southern border district of Cox’s Bazar following the latest bouts of violence in Myanmar’s neighbouring Rakhine state.


Maternal health by ALIMA


Cameroon: displaced people
Boko Haram has not only wreaked havoc in Nigeria; in neighbouring Cameroon, the armed group carries out regular attacks, which have resulted in thousands of deaths and have displaced approximately 215 000 Cameroonians.


Ethiopia by IOM Little Suns
In March and April 2017 alone, a seemingly endless drought forced 60 000 Ethiopians from their homes in the Somali region.


In April 2014, conflict between armed groups and government forces broke out in eastern Ukraine and continue to this day.


Nigeria cholera outbreak
Cholera is a waterborne disease which thrives in environments lacking proper sanitation and hygiene, therefore outbreaks often happen in conflict settings when access to safe water is limited.


Mauritanie education in emergencies by José Cendon
Since conflict erupted in Mali in 2012, neighboring Mauritania has also suffered its consequences: it hosts more than 50 000 Malian refugees, half of which are children.