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Ebola survivors tell their tales
Guinea’s Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of Ebola on March 23, 2014. The virus went on to infect more than 28,000 people across West Africa.


Children attend school in Assam, India
Home to a multitude of different tribes and ethnic groups, north-eastern India has witnessed multiple insurgencies and a series of ethnic conflicts over the past several decades.


Malnutrition is responsible for around 35% of all deaths in children under the age of five worldwide.


In a disaster simulation in Kyrgyzstan, first aid teams are dispatched to different locations across the hamlet, where serious injuries have been reported. This man, for example, is supposed to have broken his leg.
With its vast mountain ranges, grasslands, steppes, deserts and large river systems, Central Asia is particularly exposed to natural disasters.


A volunteer with Action Against Hunger visits a household in Maiduguri where a displaced family lives.   She explains to the mother the basic measures to avoid children from getting sick, and shows her how the multi-coloured band helps measure the child’s
The situation in northeast Nigeria is beyond alarming. An estimated 5.1 million people are in need of food assistance in 2017.


Cash transfers in Guatemala help families to buy nutritious food and also stimulate the local economy
In Guatemala's ‘dry corridor’, recurrent drought has forced many people to leave their homes in search of work. Now, the World Food Programme with the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Operations are helping families buy food, allowing...


Afghan girls are now given the opportunity to attend school thanks to an education in emergencies initiative
For many years, scores of Afghan children have been deprived of their right to education due to the longstanding conflict and the displacement of civilians it generates.


EU firefighters attend a ceremony of thanks in Santiago, Chile, before returning to Europe.
On Sunday 12 February, the Chilean government offered an act of recognition to the firefighters of the European Union who collaborated in the fight against the devastating fires that razed several regions of Chile in the last few weeks.


EU deploys a team to fight the worst forest fires in 50 years
The European Union activated its European Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCP) to assist Chile with the worst forest fires in 50 years, responding to the invitation of Chilean authorities. Fourteen EUCP Mechanism experts facilitate the coordination and...


The EU humanitarian and civil protection teams closely cooperate with the United Nations Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarians Affairs (UN-OCHA).
More than three months after the start of the Mosul offensive, the biggest ground offensive in Iraq since the US-led invasion of 2003, Iraqi army units remain embroiled in a fierce battle to retake Iraq’s second largest city from Islamic State...