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From east to west, Sudan’s many crises

Thirteen years have passed since conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region made the headlines. Darfur remains troubled, but conflicts have also taken hold elsewhere and more than half a million refugees from neighbouring Eritrea and South Sudan have sought refuge in the country. The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department acts on all fronts, helping thousands of forcibly displaced people and refugees while supporting the fight against malnutrition and addressing the impacts of natural disaster such as the 2016 El Niño drought.

Despite the staggering needs and the fact that 12 percent of the population is in need of assistance, delivering humanitarian assistance remains difficult. Restrictions imposed on humanitarian operations in the past years have reduced the capacity to reach the affected populations with vital humanitarian assistance in a timely manner. Signs that restrictions on humanitarian operations could be eased are yet to fully materialise.

In this complex environment, the European Commission has nonetheless managed to channel its assistance directly to some of the most vulnerable people. Since 2011, the Commission has provided more than €345 million in EU humanitarian aid to help victims of man-made and natural disasters in Sudan.

Text by Anouk Delafortrie, Regional Information Officer, EU Humanitarian Aid.

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