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Greece: a Syrian university dropout finds new purpose as a teacher

Greece teacher by NRC
When she was only 18 years old, Douaa Sakhnini got married. At 19, she enrolled in university. At 20, she had her first child and dropped out to...

Q&A with Jenny Hobbs, EU humanitarian expert on education in emergencies

1) Why has education in emergencies become such a priority for the EU?EU Humanitarian Aid started funding education in emergencies in 2012 under the...

Ukraine: an e-voucher programme provides pregnant women with free healthcare

Aleksandra, a thirty-eight-weeks pregnant woman, goes to a pharmacy which is part of Première Urgence Internationale’s health programme in Avdiivka...

Little Suns Brightening the Darkness in Ethiopia's Somali Region

16-year-old Kaira smiles as she opens the box containing her solar lamp. Examining it carefully, she pushes the button on one of the petals, turning...

Khaled: Fed Back to Life in Yemen

Khaled used to live in Taiz with his older brother Ibrahim, 2, and their parents. Since the beginning of the Yemeni conflict in March 2015, Taiz has...


Ethiopia by IOM Little Suns
In March and April 2017 alone, a seemingly endless drought forced 60 000 Ethiopians from their homes in the Somali region.


In April 2014, conflict between armed groups and government forces broke out in eastern Ukraine and continue to this day.


Nigeria cholera outbreak


Rohignyas in Bangladesh © WFP/Saikat_Mojumder
Rohignyas in Bangladesh © WFP/Saikat_Mojumder
Since late August, Bangladesh has witnessed an unprecedented influx of Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh's southern border district of...


Mauritanie education in emergencies by José Cendon
Since conflict erupted in Mali in 2012, neighboring Mauritania has also suffered its consequences: it hosts more than 50 000 Malian refugees, half of...

/echo/file/gaza-food-vouchers-help-mohamad-and-his-wife-get-back-their-feet_enGaza: food vouchers help Mohamad and his wife get back on their feet

Gaza: food vouchers help Mohamad and his wife get back on their feet
2017 marked 10 years of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, which restricts access to food, water, electricity, and other necessities. The crisis,...

/echo/file/eu-aid-volunteers-marie-elodie-senegal_enEU Aid Volunteers: Marie-Elodie in Senegal

EU Aid Volunteers: Marie-Elodie in Senegal
Launched in 2015 by the European Union, the EU Aid Volunteers initiative enables volunteers and organisations from different countries to work...

/echo/file/eu-aid-volunteers-caroline-africa_enEU Aid Volunteers: Caroline in Africa

EU Aid Volunteers: Caroline in Africa
Caroline is one of over 200 EU Aid Volunteers sent out to countries outside of the EU, since the autumn of 2016. Listen to her experience about...

/echo/file/eu-aid-volunteers-sarah-malawi_enEU Aid Volunteers: Sarah in Malawi

EU Aid Volunteers: Sarah in Malawi
Ever wondered about the difference between volunteering and "voluntourism"? In this video, Sarah Buss, a German EU Aid Volunteer explains...

/echo/file/helping-displaced-people-overcome-violence-colombia_enHelping displaced people overcome violence in Colombia

Helping displaced people overcome violence in Colombia
For decades, Colombia has faced the consequences of an armed conflict that has left 7.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) – the world'...