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Over 3 000 workers were working in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh when a building collapsed on them. After a 20 day rescue mission involving volunteers and professional search and rescue staff many were dug out of the rubble but 1 127 people were killed in...
On 4 August, Sweden requested assistance to deal with forest fires in the country to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. The Emergency Response Coordination Centre, the heart of the EU's coordinated response, is organising a response. Our...
Oil spills are an ever constant threat in EU waters but how can we react if a spill occurs? This EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) financed preparedness project, "URready4OS", is working towards training a multi vehicle fleet...
What is the role of the Emergency Response Coordination Centre in disaster relief like in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda? Simon Horner explains in this short 3 min video from behind the scenes filming of the ERCC in action.
Civil Protection expert Luigi d'Angelo explains how EU Civil Protection is coordinating relief efforts following the impact of typhoon Haiyan before boarding a flight to Tacloban. The EU is planning to increase the number of experts from its...