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Independent evaluations are an essential part of the Commission's decision making process. They are required under the Financial Regulation and carried out according to evaluation standards.

According to the Humanitarian Aid Regulation, the Commission must "regularly assess humanitarian aid operations financed by the Community in order to establish whether they have achieved their objectives and to produce guidelines for improving the effectiveness of subsequent operations" (Art. 18). Furthermore, the Commission is obliged to report every three years to the European Parliament and to the Council on the operations financed (Art.20).

For Civil Protection, specific requirements for interim and ex-post evaluation are provided in the Decision on a Union Civil Protection Mechanism (Art. 34).

Evaluations are carried out by independent experts, whose conclusions and recommendations feed into ECHO's strategic planning, programming, communication policy and to the budgetary cycle.

The evaluation reports have primarily a geographical orientation, and but horizontal subjects are also explored. The latter include thematic, policy, cross-cutting and ECHO partnership evaluations. All reports published before 2008 can be found under Archive.

ECHO has set up a Multiple Framework Contract for the Evaluation of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Activities, under which in principle all evaluations are launched.

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