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Colombia - Landslide - Update
  • On 20 December, the overflow of river Sanbingo caused a landslide that provoked major destruction in the municipalities of Mercaderes and Bolívar (located in southwest Cauca). The eight bridges which connect these municipalities with the rest of the country have been affected, causing about 30 000 people (5 550 families) to be isolated. Six people were killed and eight have been reported as disappeared. Authorities and local population fear these numbers may increase, since the situation in some areas is still unknown.
  • Civil Defense and the firefighters have started to search for victims.  Schools and community halls are being used as shelters. Assistance was agreed between the Governor and the Armed Forces to build military bridges in strategic places and get helicopter support to transport pregnant women and deliver emergency humanitarian assistance.
  • Although the needs have not been accurately assessed yet due to the lack of access, the Mayor of Bolívar has stated that it is urgent to focus on providing access to safe water, food assistance, provision of emergency non-food items and medical care for people who are located in isolated areas.  
Central America - Famine Early Warning Network alert on food security
  • According to Fewsnet (Famine Early Warning Network) of 20 December, the highlands of Guatemala and southern Honduras will be in Crisis (IPC phase 3) from March 2015 onwards due to the severe damage to staple food production due to the extended dry spell and other shocks such as coffee rust.
  • Other areas of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador will continue in stress (IPC phase 2) until the next harvest (starting in August in Honduras and in November in the highlands of Guatemala).   
  • It is foreseen that without assistance, the poorest households in these countries will not be able to cover their food needs from March 2015 until the next harvest. It is foreseen that migration will increase as a coping mechanism.


Meteoalarm - as of 25 December, 09.00 UTC
  • No Orange Alerts
Meteoalarm - as of 24 December, 09.00 UTC
  • Snow/ice in south Finland.- Orange Alert.
  • Fog alert in Montenegro - Orange Alert.
  • Rain, wind and fog alert in northern Germany - Orange Alert


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