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No joke: the 'poo calculation tool' can actually save lives in Cambodia

In the Cambodian village of Damrei Chhlang, Theara, a young lady with a gentle smile and a strong commitment to community engagement, giggles when asked, “what part of the training did you enjoy the most?”. Then, without hesitation, she replies, “...

Reaching the displaced Iraqi civilians in the city of Ramadi

“Amidst the enduring humanitarian needs and the difficulty for aid organisations to access Anbar Governorate, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been able to commence activities reaching the displaced population in Ramadi with relief assistance...

The children I met when filming their Dance4Peace video in Chad

This last summer, under a light rain of a Wednesday morning, I traveled to Tédjou, a town not far from the sub-prefecture of Tissi, in the region of DarSila, eastern Chad. With its mix of arid and green landscapes, this little town is home to some...

From Colombia to Ecuador: What access to education means to refugee families

At the old wooden house we are met at the front door by two girls*, smiling. They greet us and show us up a wide staircase that leads to the first floor, where they live with their family. Upstairs, with their mother, father and two brothers, their...

Preparing child refugees for an uncertain future in South Sudan

It has been almost three years since 17 year-old Walid Awad Majir and his two brothers settled in neighbouring South Sudan, fleeing conflict at home in South Kordofan, Sudan.He recalls the date—30 December 2011—when military planes bombed Koda...