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What keeps the animals in the Kenyan village of Balesaru so healthy?

Some 300 kilometres north of the Kenyan town of Marsabit, in the expansive Chalbi desert, stands a small village called Balesaru. Official figures indicate 5 700 residents, yet, the village's chief says that this number...

Papua New Guinea: Many women abused, few dare to speak up

New Years’ Eve 2014 was not a cause for celebration for Mona, a 22 year-old villager from northern Papua New Guinea. Her farther who suffers from alcohol addiction repeatedly assaulted her sexually and violently. Fearing for her life she ran to her...

Nigeria: Nutrition care in times of emergency

Volatility in Nigeria’s Northeast has only gotten worse since President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency to combat the Boko Haram insurgency in May 2013. Violence, abductions and displacement plague the region. Nigeria’s National...

India: Bringing back smiles in cyclone-hit Odisha

When I meet with 48-year-old Kumari Ghadei, tears run down her face as she recalls with horror the night cyclone Phailin struck her village in Odisha last October. As the powerful storm swept through her village, she and her family found themselves...

Six month after: new houses for Haiyan-affected Filipinos

Iona, a 28-year-old woman with four children, is one of the 4 million Filipinos who lost their house back in November 2013, when the mega typhoon Haiyan hit central Philippines. I met Iona while visiting the affected areas in March this year, as...