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One year after Cyclone Phaline: Indian women see a better future

Escaping from hot and humid weather under Amla trees, a group of women is busy chatting in the afternoon. Perhaps they are talking about the floods that have submerged neighbouring villages, or they might be remembering the hard times, when Cyclone...

Slovenian basketball star helps children in Chad: Part I

This summer I was invited by UNICEF Slovenia and the EU to participate in the 'Voices of Children in Emergencies' campaign, and I responded gladly. Immediately I wanted to learn more about the contents of the project,...

Finding water in the West Bank desert

Alya (12) and Thikra (10) help each other filling the big plastic tub with water and then add soap. In a family of 20, laundry is as good as a full time job and it doesn’t take long and many dirty socks until the water has changed colour from clear...

Meeting the needs of newly-arrived Syrian refugees in Turkey

On the eve of the Eid holiday, I visited some of the 700 families who have received food and blankets distributed by CARE this month.   After the drive south from the small city of Suruç in southeastern Turkey, we visited two lonely tents in the...

Worst drought in 40 years puts more than 2 million people in Central America at risk

Staple crop producers in the so-called ‘Corredor Seco’ (Dry Corridor) of the Central American, which spans Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, have been severely affected by a drought caused by the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon. It has the most...