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Flood waters recede, but could unlock a new wave of South Sudanese refugees

Leitchour refugee camp has been underwater since the rains began this past June. Now the rains are over, bringing some reprieve to the more than 47 000 refugees living here. The expansive floodplain, dotted with white tents and huddles of round...

Displaced in Ukrainian winter: The story of Tatiana's family

Tatiana was forced to leave her home town in Donetsk Region in Eastern Ukraine due to the on-going fighting there. After moving twice, she is now living with relatives in...

Cartagena+30 addresses new displacement challenges in Latin America

What is Cartagena+30? Thirty years ago, in 1984, governmental institutions and jurists of Latin America met in Cartagena, Colombia, to debate the protection needs of...

Life for refugees in Turkey, Part II: A changed landscape

In villages and towns across Suruc district, in south-eastern Turkey, there's almost nowhere you can travel these days without encountering a Syrian refugee.Hundreds of...

From 180 dead to zero: Humanitarian acupuncture transforms Teresópolis, Brazil

In 2011, the floods and landslides in Teresópolis, Brazil, 90 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro, killed more than 180, left hundreds missing and caused thousands of Euros worth in damage. In 2013, after a new episode of strong rains, not one...