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Yemen: the volunteer who saved little Adam's life

Sabah thought that her 18 month-old son, Adam Jamal, wouldn’t survive. "I was watching my son suffer from diarrhea, weight loss, dehydration, and loss of appetite, he could not even cry. I was almost sure that my son would die at any moment. I...

Humanitarians at risk: The phone call Kate won't forget

This post is part of our 'Humanitarians at risk' series, dedicated to World Humanitarian Day which will take place on 19 of August. The series features testimonies of humanitarians around the world who risk their lives daily, while saving those of...

How will Kenyan shepherds prepare their livestock for the dry season?

Some 300 kilometres north of the Kenyan town of Marsabit, in the expansive Chalbi desert, stands a small village called Balesaru. Official figures indicate 5 700 residents, yet the village's chief says that this number...

Papua New Guinea: Many women abused, few dare to speak up

New Years’ Eve 2014 was not a cause for celebration for Mona, a 22 year-old villager from northern Papua New Guinea. Her farther who suffers from alcohol addiction repeatedly assaulted her sexually and violently. Fearing for her life she ran to her...

Nigeria: Nutrition care in times of emergency

Volatility in Nigeria’s Northeast has only gotten worse since President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency to combat the Boko Haram insurgency in May 2013. Violence, abductions and displacement plague the region. Nigeria’s National...