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Birthing centre an island of peace amid conflict in South Sudan

Anjelina James, 32, gazed at her husband’s final gift quietly sleeping on her lap. Her seventh child, a healthy baby girl, had been born 12 hours before in a birthing clinic inside the Malakal protection of civilian site. “I am glad the baby is...

Supporting community resilience in the South Caucasus

In Armenia, we carry out many activities with local partners in the regions of Tavush and Vayots Dzo. The activities target diverse community groups and individuals...

Slovenian basketball star helps children in Chad: Part III

On Sunday morning we paid the nine year-old Moussa another visit. In our opinion, his story best depicts the problem of orphans here in the town of Mao.He lives in a very modest home, built out of cement, stone and sand. We had met his family on...

Three Ethiopian women climbing out of the abyss: Banking on beans for a food secure future

Askale Bijamo, 53, is a widow who lives with her six children in Pulasa Bekela village in Damot Pulasa woreda. Askale is a farmer, but she only owns 0.25 hectares of farmland, too small to produce enough for her family. Based on her extreme...

Royal visit by the Arab League's Humanitarian envoy

“You don’t expect a royal family member in the office every day”, commented several colleagues when I announced that we would be having a VIP visitor at our monthly meeting for regional donors at the ECHO regional support office in Amman, Jordan....