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Preparing child refugees for an uncertain future in South Sudan

It has been almost three years since 17 year-old Walid Awad Majir and his two brothers settled in neighbouring South Sudan, fleeing conflict at home in South Kordofan, Sudan. He recalls the date—30 December 2011—when military planes bombed Koda...

Dancing for peace: refugee children in Quito demonstrate their vitality

They get restless, excited, they scream and shout, play, sing, dance and run. Children, like Jesenia, Ivette, María, Daniel, Pipe, Michael and Danny, are children. Today they are performing a coordinated dance to the rhythm of a multilingual song,...

Bringing smiles to children in a Myanmar IDP camps

It was wonderful to see smiles of the primary school students, as they received the EU and Finn Church Aid (FCA) education kits on a sunny day. In the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp of Set Yoe Kya (nearby the Buddhist camps of Sittwe),...

Failed rains and a worsening drought in Somalia

We flew direct from Nairobi to Hiraan Province and landed in Belet Weyne, which is a remote town in Central Somalia near the Ethiopian border. From the sky, I was expecting to see lush green areas along the river and pools of water but instead it...

From one mother to the other: Yemeni women tackling malnutrition

With malnutrition costing the lives of over 1.3 million Yemeni children every year, the solution ought to stem from within. That is why the efforts of our partner, International Medical Corps, training volunteers on the ground who then educate...