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The struggle for survival by Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs

Amid a bustling crowd, 12 year-old Akram sat quietly on top of some bags cradling and stroking a white cat. Around him, hundreds of Syrian refugees were gathering their belongings, preparing to board buses at the Ibrahim Khalil border checkpoint....

First case of Ebola in Mali: bracing for an expansion of the outbreak

Fanta, the two-year-old daughter of a Guinean father and a Malian mother died of Ebola on 24 October. 5 000 deaths into the epidemic, her passing away would most probably have gone unreported if it weren’t for the fact that she died in Mali. Fanta...

Fear and uncertainty on the streets of Yemen

After months of not seeing each other, my Yemeni friend Selma, a teacher, came over for tea. She had never appeared too affected by the country's situation, never too emotional or interested in local politics before. But that day, Selma appeared...

The survival struggle of a South-Sudanese single mother

The remoteness of Cuaca’s new home makes it a hard place to raise her three children. There are no roads, markets, hospitals or schools. Two of the four wells in the village are broken, while the population that depends on this water has doubled....

Slovenian basketball star helps children in Chad: Part II

On Friday we woke up into a windy morning, and left for the field early. Our mission was to obtain as much video and photographic material as possible, in order to show the world the difficult conditions the children are facing here.The desert wind...