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What three months of flooding and isolation left in La Leona, Paraguay

"We called the village La Leona (the lioness), because when we settled here 34 years ago, a female puma used to live in the area", recalls 65-year-old Don Alejandro, indigenous to the Angaité ethnicity and one of the founders of this village...

Myanmar/Burma: A ray of sunshine for a teenager displaced by violence, Part I

The violence which erupted between Muslims and Buddhists in 2012 forced Hla Tin, 17, and his family to leave their home. Life in temporary camps is hard without meaningful activities, but he is now attending non-formal education classes for two...

Acting to stop gender-based violence: Interview with ECHO's Global Gender Specialist

Why are gender considerations important in humanitarian action?The term gender refers to the social differences between females and males throughout the life cycle. Gender roles are very different within and between cultures. Gender has a direct...

Three Ethiopian women climbing out of the abyss: Clean water within walking distance

Bugaletch Kora is a 27-year-old mother of three boys who lives in Chereche, a mountainous kebele (ward) of Kindo Koyisha woreda in southern Ethiopia. She has lived her whole life in the remote hillside village of Yanda Arbe, in a house built of mud...

Birthing centre an island of peace amid conflict in South Sudan

Anjelina James, 32, gazed at her husband’s final gift quietly sleeping on her lap. Her seventh child, a healthy baby girl, had been born 12 hours before in a birthing clinic inside the Malakal protection of civilian site. “I am glad the baby is...