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The survival struggle of a South-Sudanese single mother

The remoteness of Cuaca’s new home makes it a hard place to raise her three children. There are no roads, markets, hospitals or schools. Two of the four wells in the village are broken, while the population that depends on this water has doubled....

Slovenian basketball star helps children in Chad: Part II

On Friday we woke up into a windy morning, and left for the field early. Our mission was to obtain as much video and photographic material as possible, in order to show the world the difficult conditions the children are facing here.The desert wind...

EU Aid Volunteer uses digital mapping to help prepare for disasters in the Philippines

Where floods, typhoons and earthquakes are the norm74 year-old community leader Anita Ayuban, from the region of Bohol, Philippines, has lived her entire life facing floods and typhoons. “One year we suffered a very strong typhoon. Our roof was...

One year after Cyclone Phailin: Indian women see a better future

Escaping from hot and humid weather under Amla trees, a group of women is busy chatting in the afternoon. Perhaps they are talking about the floods that have submerged neighbouring villages, or they might be remembering the hard times, when Cyclone...

Slovenian basketball star helps children in Chad: Part I

This summer I was invited by UNICEF Slovenia and the EU to participate in the 'Voices of Children in Emergencies' campaign, and I responded gladly. Immediately I wanted to learn more about the contents of the project,...