Replies to the questionnaire

The questionnaire was sent out on 31 July 2003 to all Member States permanent representations and acceding countries delegations. EEA countries have also been involved in the exercise. The latest contributions have been received in May 2004. So far 24 countries have officially replied to the questionnaire and the Commission has carried out an analysis of the replies.

Contributions have also been received from the insurance sector and from other stakeholders.

In the meantime, the Directorate-General Research of the European Commission carried out a survey on the hazard/risk mapping research projects on the basis of a questionnaire sent out at the end of 2003 and produced an overview of the results. The Commission's Joint Research Centre carried out also a study on existing hazard mapping applications.

Moreover, the European Environment Agency issued in early 2004 a report called "mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in Europe".

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