Information day 2006

How to prepare a proposal under the Community actions for civil protection and marine pollution

27th January 2006, Brussels, Belgium

On 27th January 2006, Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission (Civil Protection Unit) organised an Information Day in Brussels (Belgium) on "How to prepare a proposal in the framework of the Community actions on Civil Protection and Marine Pollution".

Supporting relevant, innovative and cost-effective proposals is one of the basic aims of the Community actions for civil protection and marine pollution. In order to ensure that the proposals comply with appropriate quality standards, and to increase their success rate, potential proponents should be appropriately informed on the formal and substantial (legal, financial, technical, etc.) requirements and criteria applicable to the Community actions.

The purpose of the Information Day was precisely to provide potential applicants with useful information on how to prepare proposals to be submitted under the calls for proposals and calls for tender in 2006.


Agenda and Presentations (Presentations delivered during the information may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant item on agenda)


The Information Day was intended for representatives of all the relevant stakeholders in the field of civil protection and marine pollution (national administrations, regional and local authorities, private sector, non governmental organisations, etc.).

Practical arrangements

Reimbursement of expenses : participants were not be entitled to any reimbursement of expenses

Venue of Conference: Rue Van Maerlant 2, B-1040, Brussels, Belgium

Language : English1

Registration - CLOSED

Registration was free of charge.


1 The Commission’s representatives will also endeavour, as far as possible, to provide response to questions or comments submitted in other languages than English.