On the Future Instrument Addressing Prevention of, Preparedness for and Response to Disasters

The Commission is currently preparing a proposal for its future activities on civil protection. The proposed new instrument will be a recasting of the original Council Decision establishing the Community Civil Protection Mechanism, which is the principal instrument available to facilitate immediate civil protection assistance in the event of major emergencies.

Our aim is to boost solidarity among Member States and our neighbouring countries so as to achieve the optimal level of preparedness for emergencies and to ensure a rapid and effective response when disaster strikes. This includes a new approach to transport of civil protection assistance, additional Community support complementing Member States’ assistance and improved coordination. We also want to contribute to the development of early warning systems to minimise the lead time necessary to respond to natural disasters.

This proposal should result in more ambitious and effective forms of cooperation in the future, enabling the Union to meet the expectations of both its citizens and the international community at large.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation. Indeed, your views, as a key partner and stakeholder, are important to us. In this context, you have been invited to answer to a questionnaire. The report on this consultation is now available by downloading the report saved hereunder as “report on consultation”.

You can read the individual responses received by accessing the relevant group on Circa :

Pia Bucella

Head of the Civil Protection Unit

Directorate-General Environment

European Commission