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Yemen: A Community Volunteer Saving Lives

A member of IMC staff in Yemen holds Anisa, 11 months, who has recovered from malnutrition. Photo: IMC.
Originally from Al-Milah District in Yemen, Randa joined International Medical Corps as a community volunteer, supporting nutrition and health programmes funded by the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.  These...

Uganda: Running the fastest growing refugee settlement in the world

Across the border, Uganda is bearing the brunt of the violence in South Sudan. In just a few months, the mass influx of refugees from South Sudan has made Uganda the largest refugee hosting country in Africa, with over 850 000 refugees and counting...

Syria: Water for the Displaced

Children in front of a tank used for safe storage of water for drinking and washing. Medair has distributed household water storage kits to 175 families.
I had been in Syria for months before I received my first security approval to travel to one of Medair’s project sites. Our Syrian staff members carry out most of our hands-on work, because they are more easily able to access families in need. So...

Joy amid uncertainty: Syrian women enter motherhood in displacement

Fatima (right) and Rasha (left) are visited by a UNFPA coordinator after the birth of their daughters. The babies were born on the same day.
Many families have ended up in displacement camps, host communities or over the border in neighbouring Iraq. Yet in some...

Helping women migrants regain their sense of dignity

Women feel safe and are happy to cooperate with our community engagement team
Though she approached me with such a big smile and ease about her, it was only after some minutes that I realised who she was.Sadia was the same woman who I had met some days earlier struggling to keep calm in the dark and rain in the refugee camp...

How Colombia’s Wayuu female relief workers battle a 7-year drought

Mother and child in Colombia
Scant infrastructure means that Wayuu families, scattered over a vast, arid territory in “Rancherias” (desert farms) struggle to reach public services, markets, hospitals or even simple drinking water. The lack of access to water and other basic...

Zaatari camp: taking care of women and the future generation

Zaatari’s population, most of whom come from southern Syria, has faced many difficulties before reaching the camp.  The camp was hastily opened in July 2012 as tens of thousands of people fled across the border in a matter of weeks. First there...

Myanmar: the Women who moved mountains

An all women crew participating in a cash for work programme in Sagaing Region, which was badly hit by the floods
Some months after cyclone Komen had swept through Chin State and neighbouring Sagaing region, the women immediately stood out as taking the lead role in efforts to rebuild their villages. This was striking because in Myanmar, women are largely...

Gaza: Small Businesses Spark Hope for the Future

It is a busy month for Wafa Arafat, 50. Her thriving sewing business has just received an order of 1000 school uniforms. The humanitarian organisation Première Urgence Internationale, which has helped Wafa establish the business with funding from...

A Refugee Working with Refugees in Greece

Sayed with two of his three children
Just looking at their family pictures makes one smile: kids building sand castles on luscious Athenian beaches and playing hide and seek in the National Gardens. Glancing at the innocent faces of Mutahar (6), Ali (3) and Muhtasham (2), you’d say...