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Changing the tune: musical education to escape Colombia’s conflict

The Mosquera family
Giovanni, a 15-year old Colombian from the country’s Pacific coast, says he’s seen too many neighbours fall from the bullets of criminal gangs. "The friends who got mixed up in the violence are already dead," he says while playing a drum on a...

An aid worker on Yemen: “It has been heart-breaking to see what has happened to this amazing country”

Yemen © ICRC
"Over the years, I have visited Yemen several times. I worked in Yemen during the Arab Spring uprising for an aid organisation in 2011-2012 and I was really excited when I got posted to Yemen again with the EU’s humanitarian office in September...

Making a difference to lives in Mali

Mali, one of the least developed countries of the world, has been torn by internal conflict since 2012. To make matters worse, irregular rainfall during the last rainy season has led to diminished harvests for farmers and of grazing ground for...

Dealing with war trauma through psychosocial support

Six-year-old Zaid* from Syria, exhibited the classic symptoms of a traumatised child. Most of these, like the unwillingness to communicate, started when he moved with his family from Syria to Turkey, and then to Greece."Treating trauma requires a...

EU Aid Volunteers: “This is a great way to enter the humanitarian aid sector”

Can you tell us about your experience as an EU Aid Volunteer?I was doing an internship with an NGO in London when I found out about the programme. I was looking for an entry level position into the humanitarian sector, which is not so easy to find...

EU support enables UNFPA to deliver aid to an area previously unreached in Aleppo, Syria

arrival in Sheikh Maqsoud
There are an estimated 65 000 people in need in Sheikh Maqsoud, the majority of them women, children and elderly persons. This number is expected to increase as more displaced families return to the area. An assessment found significant healthcare...

In Turkey, the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education programme increases school attendance of Syrian and other refugee children

The children of the Reshid family, Melek, Zeynep, Silva, and Ahmed, doing their homework
Ahmad is one of the more than 180 000 girls and boys who have benefitted from the extension of the conditional cash transfer for education (CCTE) programme since May 2017. The CCTE programme provides vulnerable refugee families with bi-monthly cash...

Meet the villagers in Tajikistan who are putting disaster risk knowledge into practice

Living dangerously close to an avalanche prone slope
Father of four AbduRahman Mahmadiev lives with his family in Qosht Tegirmen, a small village located high up in the mountains above the Rasht Valley, a particularly scenic region of Tajikistan. However, in these parts, beauty often means danger:...

Providing hope in times of need in South Sudan: how emergency support from the European Union helps people stave off hunger during tough times

Cecilia was working on her farm in Taban village, when fighting broke out and the distant sound of gunfire galvanized her into action.“I didn’t know where I was running to, but I just wanted to flee so I would not be caught in a cross fire,” says...

Changing lives with one swipe in DRC

e-Vouchers by NRC Christian Jepsen
As the mid-day sun appears between the clouds, Kahanbu Mastayabo, 26, unfolds an umbrella to protect her five-month-old daughter, Esther, tied to her back, from the scorching rays. The young mother and her husband, Muhinto Meso, 23, are doing their...