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Syria: For Those Who Fled East Aleppo, the Suffering Continues

Aleppo Response by ECHO
Between July and December, with the exception of approximately a fortnight in August, the eastern neighbourhood was under siege. Bombs and mortars pummelled the area as food and fuel stocks ran lower and lower. Towards the end of these dark months...

A friendship born in dance

Nazia and Rolian by IRC
Nazia and Rolian* bonded over their love for dance. The two 16-year-old girls - one from Afghanistan, the other from Syria - practice Zumba moves to videos downloaded on Nazia’s mobile phone. “I want to become a dancer,” says Nazia with a bright...

The EU helps Peru respond to widespread floods affecting over a million people

Emergency kits delivery by CARE
The EU has disbursed €1 million in emergency humanitarian aid, deployed civil protection experts and facilitated European donations in kind, including life-saving water pumps from Spain and France to assist those most affected in the northern...

Building a new future through education in Greece

Farhad and his son Samem
Sitting on the floor of a small apartment in downtown Athens, 47-year-old Farhad Nawabi* dwells upon his days of ceaseless movement in rural Afghanistan. It was just him and his wife, driving around remote villages with their mobile orthopaedic...

Yemen: Combatting Severe Malnutrition with Clean Water

Relief International Yemen
Hajjah governorate is one of the worst-affected places in Yemen. Water shortages have caused outbreaks of skin disease because people do not have enough water to wash; contaminated water supplies have led to high rates of diarrhoea and indirectly...

Refugees in Greece: Getting to grips with IT

Refugees receive IT training
Aarif* is a 17-year-old boy from Afghanistan currently living in a camp close to Athens. He used to live in Iran with his three brothers, sister and parents. Aarif and his family arrived in Greece 15 months ago after a very tough journey. They...

Iraq: Qayyarah emergency site grows with surge in new arrivals from Western Mosul

Iraq Mosul by DRC
Despite her visible exhaustion, Firja was determined to tell us her story of escape and how with white flags in hand, she and 14 family members decided they had to leave when they saw neighbours and relatives lying dead in the streets – caught in...

Voucher assistance in Palestine: More Than Just Food for food insecure Palestinians

Badria Totah
Repeated conflict and ten years of a crippling blockade have created persistent food insecurity in the Gaza Strip, where 46 percent of the households are food insecure, with nearly one in three at a severe level. Families are barely able to recover...

Afghanistan: Treating trauma and the wounds of war in Helmand

Nurse Zahra checks on a patient
Sixty year-old Nazo stands at the bedside of his grandson Rahmatullah, 19, who was badly injured by a roadside bomb in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. Rahmatullah lost both of his legs in the blast, and...

Refugee children in Greece visit the dentist for the first time

Refugee Children in Greece learn about dental hygiene
Though Syria had a good dentistry service before its civil war broke out, many children who have escaped since 2011 have never had the chance to have appointments to see an oral health specialist, so the team’s visits were the first chance for them...