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EU support enables UNFPA to deliver aid to an area previously unreached in Aleppo, Syria

arrival in Sheikh Maqsoud
There are an estimated 65 000 people in need in Sheikh Maqsoud, the majority of them women, children and elderly persons. This number is expected to increase as more displaced families return to the area. An assessment found significant healthcare...

In Turkey, the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education programme increases school attendance of Syrian and other refugee children

The children of the Reshid family, Melek, Zeynep, Silva, and Ahmed, doing their homework
Ahmad is one of the more than 180 000 girls and boys who have benefitted from the extension of the conditional cash transfer for education (CCTE) programme since May 2017. The CCTE programme provides vulnerable refugee families with bi-monthly cash...

Meet the villagers in Tajikistan who are putting disaster risk knowledge into practice

Living dangerously close to an avalanche prone slope
Father of four AbduRahman Mahmadiev lives with his family in Qosht Tegirmen, a small village located high up in the mountains above the Rasht Valley, a particularly scenic region of Tajikistan. However, in these parts, beauty often means danger:...

Providing hope in times of need in South Sudan: how emergency support from the European Union helps people stave off hunger during tough times

Cecilia was working on her farm in Taban village, when fighting broke out and the distant sound of gunfire galvanized her into action.“I didn’t know where I was running to, but I just wanted to flee so I would not be caught in a cross fire,” says...

Changing lives with one swipe in DRC

e-Vouchers by NRC Christian Jepsen
As the mid-day sun appears between the clouds, Kahanbu Mastayabo, 26, unfolds an umbrella to protect her five-month-old daughter, Esther, tied to her back, from the scorching rays. The young mother and her husband, Muhinto Meso, 23, are doing their...

Cash assistance supports displaced families in Gardez, Afghanistan

Shayesta and his daughter Sidiqa by PIN
“My eldest daughter, Sidiqa, lost her leg, and her left hand was broken when a rocket-propelled grenade hit our house during Ramadan last year,” Shayesta Khan says, recalling the heavy fighting between the military forces and opposition group in...

Restoring hope for refugees: a Story from the Ali Addeh Camp in Djibouti

Djibouti, a country with a desert-like climate, where two out of five people live in extreme poverty, hosts over 26 000 refugees. The vast majority of them reside in camps. Kalsouma Ahmed Adbi, a wife and mother of six, is one of them. She and her...

Food Vouchers in Gaza: bringing relief and feeding minds

Palestine by Raphael Duboispean WFP
Sanyora dropped out of school when she was 11 because her family was too poor to afford education for all of their seven children. Now, as a single mother without any qualifications or work experience, finding a job is like looking for a needle in...

Humanitarians in the field supporting Syrian refugees in Turkey

Doctors of the World by DWW
Ayman is a 32 years old Syrian refugee, whose life has changed since he received his refugee I.D. card. For four months, he has been trying to go through the registration process alone. Suffering from an infected leg requiring secondary treatment,...

Greece: a Syrian university dropout finds new purpose as a teacher

Greece teacher by NRC
When she was only 18 years old, Douaa Sakhnini got married. At 19, she enrolled in university. At 20, she had her first child and dropped out to become a full-time mother. She watched with envy as her friends graduated and got jobs.Then, like so...