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Haiti earthquake

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was struck by the worst earthquake in its history. Over the past 12 months, the international community has been mobilising to provide relief to the Haitians affected by this tragedy. In 2010, the Commission committed €130 million in humanitarian aid funding to assist the victims of the quake and the victims of the more recent cholera epidemic in this ravaged country.

The Commission's Humanitarian aid following the earthquake:

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  • general technical overview English français PDF file

Cholera epidemic


Haiti: one year after (2011)

A short video-slideshow depicting the magnitude of the disaster caused by the 2010 earthquake and the scale of the response that followed.


Video report from Haiti, 6 days after the earthquake

Images have arrived from a camera team working for the Commission in Haiti. They show the extent of the devastation and how the initial funding provided through ECHO is being put to use by partners in the field.

ECHO has now deployed a team of 15 people to the stricken area (humanitarian experts and support staff). They are working round the clock to help ensure EU-funded support gets to people who are in desperate need. They report that delivery of humanitarian aid is scaling up rapidly.

Haiti earthquake - Other useful resources

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