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Haiti - Food and Nutrition Crisis

ERC-Flash-International - Tue, 21/11/2017 - 00:00
  • Between now and the end of the lean season expected mid-2018, more than 1.3 million individuals, representing nearly 18% of the population, will face severe food insecurity according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification analysis (October 2017) and struggle to ensure a minimal food intake. They require immediate assistance to cover their basic food needs.
  • This acute situation results from a combination of factors, including the severe crops losses registered after the passage of Hurricanes Irma in September 2017 and Matthew in 2016. Erratic precipitation patterns characterized the 2017-18 spring season, notably in the South, Nippes, North and Nord-Est departments, triggering flooding and dry spells. As a consequence, retail prices of local and imported staple food stuffs are high, limiting the poorest households' purchasing power and economic access to markets.
  • According to a nutritional SMART survey conducted in 20 municipalities located in Matthew-affected areas in August 2017, five municipalities in the Grand'Anse department and two communes in the South present Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) rates above the emergency threshold.
  • In the areas hit by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, mostly located in Grand'Anse, South and North West departments, 1 million out of the 2.1 million people initially affected are still in need of humanitarian assistance. Among them, an estimated 400 000 individuals still live under tarpaulins, are highly exposed to the impact of future shocks and require immediate shelter assistance.
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Yemen – Food Security, Sanitation, Conflict

ERC-Flash-International - Tue, 21/11/2017 - 00:00
  • 2.5 million people lack access to clean water in crowded cities, according to the ICRC (20 November). Sana'a and Al Bayda have now joined the list, in addition to Sa'ada, Taiz and Al Hudaydah whose water and sewage systems stopped operating last week due to a lack of fuel following the blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition since 6 November.
  • The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) declared that famine is likely in many areas within three to four months if key ports remain closed (20 November). The sharp increase in the price of basic commodities and fuel, combined with a lack of imported medical supplies, would lead to thousands of deaths due to lack of food and diseases outbreaks.
  • The UN estimates that the lives of 150 000 children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition are at immediate risk if aid agencies are not able to re-fill nutrition stocks.
  • At least 12 people were killed in airstrikes carried out in the northern provinces of Sa'ada and Hudaydah (19-20 November).
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Facilité de l'UE en faveur des réfugiés en Turquie: de nouveaux contrats signés à l'heure où de plus en plus de réfugiés bénéficient d'une aide

Communiqués de presse - Mon, 20/11/2017 - 11:49
Commission européenne - Communiqué de presse Bruxelles, le 9 novembre 2017 La Commission européenne a rendu compte des avancées impressionnantes dans la mise en œuvre de la facilité de l'UE en faveur des réfugiés en Turquie, lors de la 8 e réunion du comité directeur de la facilité qui s'est...

New Caledonia - Earthquake

ERC-Flash-International - Mon, 20/11/2017 - 09:09

  • An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 M, at a depth of 10 km, occurred north-east off the coast of Mare island (Loyalty islands province) on 19 November at 22.43 UTC. USGS PAGER estimates 1 000 people were exposed to a "strong" shaking and 5 000 people to "moderate" shaking. 
  • The earthquake was followed by an aftershock of magnitude 5.8 M at a 10 km depth. A Tsunami Warning was issued minutes after the 7.0 M earthquake but was cancelled about one hour later.
  • COGIC mentioned that no casualties have been reported. The Vanuatu Government has advised the southern islands population to evacuate the coastline.
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Iran, Iraq - Earthquake UPDATE

ERC-Flash-International - Fri, 17/11/2017 - 09:12
  • As of 17 November, media reported that the death toll of 530 casualties caused by the strong earthquake (magnitude 7.3 M, depth 23 km) that hit Kermanshah Province  in Iran on 12 November, remain unchanged (mainly in Kermanshah). In addition, as of the same date, media reported that the number of injured has mounted to 9 397, more than 12 000 buildings and have been damaged in eight cities and 526 villages were severely affected, mainly in Iran.
  • Relief and rescue operations continue by the Iran National Red Crescent Society and the National Crisis Management Organization through the deployment of personnel (1 000 operational forces), supplies (aid and ambulances), emergency shelters for the affected people and the dispatch of food stuff.
  • Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping was activated (EMSR256) for Iraq by ECHO-ERCC on 13 Nov 2017. As of 17 November, four reference maps and four grading maps have been produced.
  • Over the next 72 h no significant weather phenomena are forecast, with partly cloudy to cloudy conditions. Maximum temperatures reaching 19-21°C (warm hours) dropping locally to 9-11°C (during night and early morning hours).
  • From next 20 November to 24 November, rainy weather conditions are expected to prevail, together with a significant drop in minimum temperatures, from 23 November.
  • Bilateral assistance has been sent by Italy and Turkey. Italy has provided tents, blankets, kitchen kits, tanks and hygiene kit. Turkey has provided  SAR personnel, Medical SAR personnel, Humanitarian Aid Personnel and Operational Personnel with vehicles, as well as tents, blankets, heaters, beds, food items and a kitchen trailer.
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Haiti – Heavy rainfalls, Landslides (OCHA, DG ECHO)

ERC-Flash-International - Fri, 17/11/2017 - 09:12
  • In the Nord-Oeust district, three people died, including a three-year-old girl, in the communes of Saint Louis du Nord and Pointe des Palmistes after being washed away by the stream of a river. Road sections were damaged in several communes including l'Ile de la Tortue, Baie de Henne, Port de Paix and Jean-Rabel. Landslides have been reported by the Community Committees of Civil Protection (CCPC) of Jean Rabel and Saint-Louis du-Nord.
  • In the Sud district, strong rains and floods have affected all the communes and all the rivers in the district are flooded, notably in the communes of Torbeck, Maniche and Les Cayes. Roads have been seriously damaged, including in Les Cayes and secondary roads are no longer used. The road between Tiburon and Les Anglais towns is cut off.
  • On 15 November 2017, the Permanent Secretary for Risk and Disaster Management in conjunction with Haiti Hydro-meteorological Unit declared an Orange level vigilance alert (risk of moderate to high intensity impact) and announced the activation of the National Plan for Risk and Disaster Management (PNGRD) facing the threat of heavy rains with risk of landslides and floods in the country particularly in the districts of Sud-Est, Sud, Grand-Anse, Nippes, Ouest, Artibonite and Nord-Ouest.
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Philippines - Tropical Cyclone TINO

ERC-Flash-International - Fri, 17/11/2017 - 09:12
  • A new Tropical Cyclone, locally named TINO in the Philippines, formed in the Sulu Sea (southwestern Visayas region) on 16 November and started moving north-west as a Tropical Depression toward southern Palawan province. On 17 October at 0.00 UTC its centre was located 135 km east-southeast of Puerto Princesa city, Palawan and it had maximum sustained wind speed of approx. 33 km/h (Tropical depression).
  • Over the next 48 h it is expected to continue moving north-west and its centre may reach the coast of southern Palawan on 18 November early morning (UTC), probably as a Tropical Depression. It is forecast to exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility on 18 November morning (UTC). It may continue moving north-west strengthening heading toward southern Vietnam and making landfall on 18 November evening (UTC) as a Tropical Storm.
  • According to PAGASA, as of 17 November at 8.00 UTC, residents in MIMAROPA, Bicol region and Samar provinces are advised to be alerted against possible flash floods and landslides.
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Greece - Heavy rain and flash floods UPDATE

ERC-Flash-Europe - Fri, 17/11/2017 - 09:12
  • Heavy rain has been affecting several regions of the country over the last few days, causing flash floods, casualties and damages.
  • Media reported, as of 17 November at 8.00 UTC, that the death toll has reached 16 (12 of them in Mandra area, western outskirts of Athens), six people are still missing and 23 were injured in West Attica (Attica region). In addition, media reported, as of the same date, more than 500 homes damaged (in northern Greece, in Attica Region and in Symi island).
  • Over the next 24 h heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for most of the country mainland. As of 17 November at 8.00 UTC, a Gale Warning issued by the Hellenic National Meteorological Service is in effect in many areas of the country.

Greece - Heavy rain and flash floods

ERC-Flash-Europe - Thu, 16/11/2017 - 09:08
  • Over the last few days, heavy rain has been affecting several areas of the country, causing flash floods. Affected areas include western Attica, the island of Symi (south Aegean region, Rhodes) and Giannitsa, Katerini, Goumenissa and Alexandria (northern Greece).
  • As of 16 November at 8.00 UTC 15 people have died, six are still missing and 23 were injured in western Attica (Mandra, Megara, Nea Peramos), while houses were damaged and roads were blocked.
  • Cuts to electricity and water supplies were reported in Mandra, and a momentary loss of water supplies in Megara.
  • Local authorities shut schools in the areas of Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara.
  • On 14 November, the Greek government declared a state of emergency on the island of Symi, and on 15 November on the Magoula in Elefsis municipality, the Megara municipality and the Mandra in Mandra-Eidyllias municipality (region of Attica). In cooperation with municipalities, all necessary actions have been taken to provide accommodation for as long as necessary.
  •  Over the next 24 hours, thunderstorms and heavy rains are expected to affect most of the mainland. The Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) issued a severe weather warning for the next days, mentioning that heavy rain is expected in many areas of the Greek territory until 19 November.

Meteoalarm - As of 16 November, 7:30 UTC

ERC-Flash-Europe - Thu, 16/11/2017 - 09:08
  • On 16 November: red alert for strong winds in northern coastal regions of Croatia 
  • On 17 November: no red alert issued

Cameroon/Nigeria - Population displacement

ERC-Flash-International - Thu, 16/11/2017 - 00:00
  • Following tensions that have been mounting since September in western Cameroon, where the English-speaking minority has been mobilising for greater autonomy, an influx of Cameroonian refugees crossing the border into Nigeria has been reported.
  • 2  149 individuals have been registered by UNHCR in Taraba and Cross River States in south-east Nigeria on 25 October. The refugees are being sheltered and assisted by host communities.
  •  The Nigerian State Emergency Management Agency has been activated. UNHCR and local implementing partners have begun distributions of food and non-food items, and are providing health care.
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Haiti - Food insecurity

ERC-Flash-Factsheets - Thu, 16/11/2017 - 00:00
  • Haiti is facing critical food and nutritional insecurity, with 4.4 million Haitians acutely food insecure and 131 000 acutely malnourished children (according to the National Food Security Coordination and the Ministry of Health), a consequence of the prolonged drought - exacerbated by an exceptionally strong "El Niño" weather phenomenon – and the impacts of hurricanes Matthew (October 2016) and Irma (September 2017).
  • Despite progress, a widespread lack of access to safe drinking water, the continued weakness of sanitary infrastructure and high cholera fatality rates remain serious concerns. Between January and October 2017, 11 933 new suspected cholera cases and 133 associated fatalities were registered.
  • Haiti is the largest beneficiary of the European Commission's humanitarian aid in Latin America and the Caribbean, with EUR 378.35 million in assistance since 1994. EU aid brought relief to victims of the 2010 earthquake and of several major hurricanes; helped tackle the cholera epidemic, droughts and the migration crisis; and strengthened local capacities to prepare for and respond to natural and epidemics hazards.

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Statement by President Juncker following the floods in Greece

Press releases - Wed, 15/11/2017 - 19:49
European Commission - Statement Brussels, 15 November 2017 I am saddened to learn about the many people who have lost their lives and loved ones during the deadly floods affecting central Greece. On behalf of the whole European Commission, I would like to express our full solidarity with...

Meteoalarm - As of 15 November, 7:30 UTC

ERC-Flash-Europe - Wed, 15/11/2017 - 08:59
  • On 15 November: red alert for strong winds in north-western coastal regions of Croatia
  • On 16 November: red alert for strong winds in northern coastal regions of Croatia

Myanmar, Bangladesh - Rohingya crises

ERC-Flash-International - Wed, 15/11/2017 - 00:00
  • Protection continues to be a major concern in the refugee camps in Cox's Bazaar, as gender-based violence, human trafficking and family separations are frequent, and barriers to accessing services are high. Protection issues were highlighted by UNSG Special Representative for sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Patten, during her mission to Cox's Bazaar in early November.
  • A report from the Myanmar military on the conduct of its officers during the security operations denies all allegations that its personnel committed atrocities.
  • The outflow of the Rohingyas from Rakhine continues. Given the shortage of boats, many people are crossing the river between Myanmar and Bangladesh using rafts crafted from jerry cans tied to bamboo.
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Meteoalarm - As of 14 November, 7:30 UTC

ERC-Flash-Europe - Tue, 14/11/2017 - 08:59
  • On 14 November: red alert for strong winds in northwestern Croatia.
  • On 15 November: red alert for strong winds in northern coastal regions of Croatia; red alert for heavy rain in central Italy.

Somalia – Continued risk of famine 2018

ERC-Flash-International - Tue, 14/11/2017 - 00:00

  • The risk of famine still looms in Somalia, which is facing its fourth consecutive poor rain season (deyr), further reducing people's access to food and livelihoods. Moreover, a below average 2018 Gu season is likely, which would mark the fifth consecutive poor season in Somalia. The latest FSNAU/FEWSNET prognosis further reduces the likelihood of recovery and emphasizes the urgency to continue efforts to avert famine through 2018.
  • An estimated 3.3 million people are acutely food insecure at crisis and/or emergency levels (IPC 3 and 4), and over half the total population in need of humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian assistance provided in 2017 has prevented more extreme outcomes in many areas, however persistent drought has eroded coping capacities and further deterioration in food insecurity is likely through May 2018. Of greatest concern are Bay/Bakool agro-pastoral areas and Northern Inland and Guban pastoral livelihood zones.
  • The 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), which seeks USD 1.5 billion, has so far received USD 880 million, while an additional USD 332 million has been received for activities outside the HRP. The European Commission alone made nearly EUR 119 million available in humanitarian assistance. The EU and its member states quickly responded to the crisis and considerably increased its humanitarian support in 2017, now approaching a total of EUR 600 million.
  • Large-scale and sustained humanitarian assistance is needed throughout 2018 to prevent the loss of lives and collapse of livelihoods. Humanitarian assistance plans beyond 2017 are not yet known, however even in a scenario of continued assistance at current levels, localised famine remains a possibility.
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Statement by Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides on the earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border

Press releases - Mon, 13/11/2017 - 12:32
European Commission - Statement Brussels, 13 November 2017 The earthquake that struck the area on the border between Iran and Iraq last night has taken the lives of hundreds of people and caused extensive damage across the two countries.

Iran, Iraq - Earthquake

ERC-Flash-International - Mon, 13/11/2017 - 09:01
  • On 12 November at 18.18 UTC, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck in Halabja in Iraq, next to the Iranian border. This was followed by a series of small after-shocks ranging between 4 and 4.6 Richter. The major humanitarian consequences appear to be concentrated in Iran, in Sarpol Zahab city and surrounding areas of Kermanshah province, with media reporting more than 300 people dead and more than 6 000 people injured. The quake was also felt in other countries such as Turkey, Kuwait, Armenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  • Iranian National Red Crescent Society and the National Crisis Management Organization has deployed personnel and supplies (aid and ambulances) to the province where 70,000 people reportedly need emergency shelter. The Government of Iran has so far not requested international assistance.
  • With ECHO support, WHO has deployed emergency kits and ambulances to Sulaimaniyah hospital. Response teams, psychological support capacity and additional critical medicines and consumables are deployed and on standby. ECHO's humanitarian partners, IMC and Handicap International, having emergency health response capacity in the area, also stand ready to support.
  • In Iraq, the Kurdish Regional authorities have reported 7 deaths. 321 individuals have received medical assistance, mostly from Sulaimaniyah governorate. The majority of cases relate to broken limbs, breathing difficulties and shock.
  • A number of partners, included ECHO partners such as Oxfam, are currently assessing the wider impact of the earthquake in affected regions of Iraq, with a priority given to potential reported damage to the Darbindikan Dam and to housing, especially considering the large number of pre-existing partially damaged houses and infrastructure as a result of the past three years of conflict.
  • Overall, humanitarian partners in Iraq are standing by to assist the Government of Iraq, should a humanitarian response be required. Supplies of food, health items, medicines, shelter kits and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) assistance are already located in country, and can be moved into storage sites and distribution points if necessary. A United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team is put on alert for immediate deployment to the affected areas if required. The ERCC is also closely monitoring the situation and outcome of ongoing assessments and will keep Participating States of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as well as partners informed on the evolution of the situation.
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Costa Rica - Earthquake

ERC-Flash-International - Mon, 13/11/2017 - 09:01
  • An earthquake of 6.5 magnitude and 20 km depth hit the western Pacific coast of Costa Rica on 13 November at 2.28 UTC. The epicenter was located 16 km south-east of Jaco city (population of 10 000 people, Puntarenas province). USGS PAGER indicates a shaking up to "severe" for 5 000 people and up to "very strong" for 10 000 people. 
  • According to the NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, no tsunami threat was posed by this earthquake.
  • Local media reported three people dead.
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