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The EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue

Surf the EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue to find out more information about environmentally friendly and high quality products and where you can find them!


Use the quick search box below to search for individual products by typing in the licence number in the search bar. The licence number is found near the EU Ecolabel logo in the following format: EU Ecolabel XXXX/YYY/ZZZZZ.

  Please note that you should only type in the characters to the right of the colon (see XXXX/YYY/ZZZZZ in the licence number box above).  

OR use the drop down menus below for comprehensive search results by selecting the Member State in which the licence was awarded, country of availability, product category, or a combination of all three search menus.


If you are a licence holder and do not see your valid EU Ecolabel products displayed, please refer to the ECAT User Manuals for Licence Holders , available in all EU languages, for instructions on how to register your service and manage your ECAT account. Contact the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk for assistance.

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