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What are European countries doing to prevent intentional injuries to children?

03 March 2014

On the 20 March 2014 the European Child Safety Alliance will launch a report on National Action to Address Child Intentional Injury.

The report examines safety measures in place to address intentional injury to children by describing the adoption, implementation and enforcement of national level policies addressing intentional injury prevention in over 25 Member States. The report will include a multi-country overview of actions related to leadership, children’s rights, capacity and data to facilitate European-level planning to support national level efforts. In addition to summarising results across participating Member States, the report also includes individual country profiles describing evidence-based actions to address child intentional injury in these four areas undertaken to July 2013.

The assessments completed to create these profiles were designed to allow both a baseline measure to identify current policy gaps in addressing child intentional injury and a monitoring tool against which priorities can be set and progress measured in Member States.  This report is undertaken as part of the EU funded project TACTICS PDF.