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EU SHIPSAN ACT Joint Action 2012 2103 - training activities – Register Now

16 January 2014

The first EU SHIPSAN ACT Joint Action training course was successfully conducted in Rome from Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th October 2013. The course was co-organised by the EU SHIPSAN ACT Joint Action and the Italian Ministry of Health. A total of 29 passenger shipping companies’ employees and port health officers participated in the three day training course. Each day of the training course consisted of theoretical session, interactive methods including problem based learning, quizzes, small group discussions, Q&A, question cards, debates, competitions, demonstration and case studies session. The course content and material, as well the relevance to their job were evaluated as very good and excellent by more than 94% of participants, while 100% of the responding trainees said that the course met their expectations and would recommend it to others.

A second training course for port health officers and professional seafarers titled “Inspection of Hygiene & Health Standards on Passenger Ships” aims at familiarising the port health authorities personnel and the passenger ship industry with the inspection of hygiene and health standards on passenger ships as detailed in the ‘SHIPSAN European Manual for Hygiene Standards and Communicable Diseases Surveillance on Passenger Ships’.

This training course will be conducted from 5th March 2014 to 7th March 2014 aboard a cruise ship docked at the port of Piraeus, Athens, Greece. The learning objectives are the following:

  • To perform inspections based on the standards of the EU SHIPSAN manual by applying inspection principles and techniques on passenger ships.
  • To respond to public health events effectively and proportionally to the risks.
  • To practice professional attributes required by an inspector.

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