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Plenary interim meeting of the Joint Action ACCORD – 16 and 17 October 2013 in Madrid, Spain.

11 October 2013

On the 16 and 17 October, in Madrid,  The ORGANIZACIÓN NACIONAL DE TRASPLANTES (ONT) will host and lead  the plenary interim meeting of the Joint Action ACCORD.

The Joint Action "Achieving Comprehensive Coordination in Organ Donation throughout the European Union" (ACCORD), intends to strengthen the full potential of European Union (EU)'s Member States (MS) in the field of organ donation and transplantation, in order to improve the cooperation between them and to contribute to the effective implementation of the EU Directive 2010/53/EU and the Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation (2009-2015).

Its main objectives are:

  • a) to improve MS information systems on live organ donation through the provision of recommendations on the design and management of structured live organ donor registries and through setting down a model for supranational data sharing in this field;
  • b) to describe the usual pathways applied to patients with a devastating brain injury, analyzing their impact on organ donation and, based on that information, to facilitate the collaboration between intensive care and donor transplant coordinators across the EU; 
  • c) to implement practical collaborations between Member States for the transfer of knowledge, expertise or tools and to provide recommendations for future twinning initiatives in organ donation and transplantation.  

The Joint Action receives co-funding from the European Union in the frame of the EU Health Programme.

More info on 20112102 Joint Action Accord: