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Meeting on "Protecting the unborn baby from Alcohol" – European Parliament on 17/09/2013, Brussels

26 August 2013

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading known cause of birth defects and developmental disorders in the EU. Throughout pregnancy, even at low levels of exposure, alcohol interferes with the normal development of the foetus and can seriously damage the unborn child. Unfortunately, many women are not aware of that and continue to drink during pregnancy (percentages range from 25% in Spain to 35%-50% in the Netherlands and even higher rates in the UK or Ireland (79%)).

This meeting is organised by the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (EUROCARE). EUROCARE receives co-funding from the European Union in the frame of the EU Health Programme by means of an Operating Grant.

For any additional information on the meeting, please see below link or contact Ruth Ruiz by email at or by phone at +32 (0)2 736 05 72. IMPORTANT: Due to the limited amount of available seats, prior registration is needed, please see link below.