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Transplantation & Blood Transfusion: contribution of the European Union to improve transplantation and blood transfusion practices in Europe, 27/28 June at the Spanish Ministry of Health, Madrid

12 June 2013

This meeting is organized by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, the European Commission, in cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality- National Transplant Organization (Organización Nacional de Trasplantes- ONT). It aims at providing the European public with information on the activities carried out by the Commission in the field of substances of human origin (organs, tissues, cells, blood and blood derivatives) over the last years, through a set of projects funded or co-funded by the European Union. The meeting has been conceived to gain an important media impact and hence to facilitate the dissemination of the information among the Union’s citizenship. This is the reason why a list of journalists from all Members States has been invited to participate.

The meeting is open to the interested public, but prior registration is necessary (please see link below). Registrations will be treated on a first come first serve basis, based on available seats.