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Joint Action Equity Action - Regional Workshop, 26 March 2013, Brussels

06 March 2013

The Joint Action Equity Action is organising a regional workshop on health as a determinant for growth.

Funded under the EU Health Programme and bringing together 27 associated and collaborating partners from 16 EU Member States and associated countries, this Joint Action aims to develop capability across Member States with a particular focus on:

  • Developing knowledge for action on health inequalities;
  • Supporting the engagement of Member States, regions and other stakeholders in action to tackle the socio-economic health inequalities;
  • Sharing learning between Member States & other actors; and
  • Supporting the development of effective action to tackle socio-economic health inequalities at EU level.

This Workshop aims to:

  • Provide participants with examples of (sub)regional practices and policies that aim to tackle health inequalities;
  • Show how regions can apply for EU Structural Funds to projects that improve health equity by addressing the wider determinants of health;
  • Stimulate sharing and the exchange of knowledge among participants from across the EU;
  • Inspire participants to take action within their own regions to achieve greater health equality.
  • During the workshop an online Structural Funds tool will be launched. This tool will provide practical information on the Structural Funds and suggestions on how these Funds can be (better) used to contribute to greater health equity in the EU.

Learn more about the Joint Action on Equity Action, health and the Structural Funds and the European Commission initiatives on health inequalities.