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New report to identify best practices in tobacco control to reduce health inequalities

26 February 2013

The first meeting for the preparation of a new report to identify best practices in tobacco control to reduce health inequalities took place on 13 February 2013 in Luxembourg with representatives from the EAHC, DG SANCO and Matrix Insight.

Differences in tobacco consumption and use by social group play an important role in contributing to and sustaining health inequalities. However, even though there is extensive literature on the link between tobacco use and health inequalities between social groups, there is much less information available on the different effects of tobacco control policies and initiatives on different social groups and on different areas/regions/countries.

A team of experts lead by Matrix Insight will aim to bring together such information with the objective of informing public policies and actions by EU Member States and the European Commission on tobacco control related health inequalities. It will result in a report to be published by June 2014 that will provide a comprehensive picture of the challenges posed by tobacco to health inequalities throughout the European Union, provide an evidence base and contribute to the sharing of best practices.

The importance of actions on tobacco consumption, as well as on the wider determinants of health affecting health inequalities, has been highlighted in the Council conclusions on equity and health in all policies and on closing health gaps through action on life style related behaviours as well as in the EU strategy to reduce health inequalities "Solidarity in Health".

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