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EU networks present at the AIDS 2012 Conference

01 August 2012

The AIDS 2012 Conference was organised on 22 - 27 July 2012 in Washington DC, USA, by the International AIDS Society. The objective of the Conference was to present new scientific knowledge and offer opportunities for structured dialogue on the major challenges facing the global response to HIV/AIDS.

Several EU networks, funded under the Health Programme, participated in this conference and shared their experience of the European Networking Zone.

These presentations included "The HIV community-based testing practices in Europe" (HIV COBATEST project) and the "European MSM internet survey on knowledge, attitudes and behaviour" (EMIS project).

The "AIDS Action Europe" network co-organised several activities including the Regional Session on Europe and the workshops "What's the point of networking?", "Stigma faced by women living with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" and "HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum: from policy to action".

For further information on the AIDS 2012 conference outcomes, please go to the AIDS 2012 conference website.