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News - Joining together to tackle HIV/AIDS in Europe

New actions funded by the Health programme in 2011- 2012

Seven new actions to implement the 2009 Commission communication on combating HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries were funded under the Health programme in 2011-2012. Four financial instruments (conferences, operating grants, contracts (projects) and a Joint Action) received an overall EC funding of 2.6 million EUR.

The HIV in Europe 2012 conference1. The HIV in Europe 2012 conference – Working together for Optimal Testing and Earlier Care. This conference focused on HIV testing and early diagnosis in the EU, particularly Eastern Europe, as well as in neighbouring countries,

2. Three operating grants provided support to European civil society networks

AIDS Action Europe

a. AIDS Action Europe (AAE) aims to strengthen civil society’s contribution so as to improve the response to the HIV epidemic.


Correlation network - European Network Social Inclusion and Health

b. Correlation network aims to increase access to social and health services and to improve prevention, care and treatment services targeting blood-borne infectious diseases (BBID), in particular Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, among vulnerable and high risk populations (e.g. drug users, sex workers and young people at risk).

3. Two contracts were launched to produce policy assessments and reports. They covered:

  1. HIV and co-infections prevention strategies - concepts for the future
  2. The current state of play of the 2003 Council Recommendation on the prevention and reduction of health-related harm associated with drug dependence in the EU and candidate countries.

4. The Joint Action on Improving Quality in HIV Prevention is under negotiation and is due to start in early-2013. For more information, please consult the proposal presented on the HIV/AIDS Think Tank.