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Call 2012: Tenders

Call for tender No EAHC/2012/Health/19 concerning an 'EU-wide economic overview of the markets of tissues and cells for transplantation'


The main objective of the service is the production of a report, which provides detailed information, in-depth analysis of economics and forecast on the global and EU market of tissues and cells for transplantation. The report shall provide insight into the following aspects:

  1. The characteristics of the EU tissues and cells market, such as steps from donor recruitment over donation, procurement/collection, testing, processing, storage, distribution to transplantation. Covering market size, prices, the extend and ratio of VUD versus paid donations, concerns and conflicts, supply and demand volumes and other elements in order to better understand these markets.
  2. The main actors involved in the different steps from donor recruitment to transplantation, for the EU27 Member States, but also on the EU level and on the global level, also covering public and private actors in this sector. Contact details of the main actors should be collected. This also includes flows between markets (i.e. EU Member States as well as from/to third countries).
  3. Regulations on reimbursement and financing in the EU Member States as well as countries outside the EU, to better understand the various models of organisation of reimbursement, the overall costs for tissues transplantation, including transplant tourism. This should include also compensation schemes for donors.
  4. A forecast for the EU market and trends on tissue transplantation for the next 10 years, with respect to economic, medical, social, political and ethical evolutions in the different sectors within the field of tissues and cells’ markets. This includes the impact of future technological developments and their respective needs for legal provisions to warranty safety and quality of tissue transplantation.

The deadline to submit tenders is the 22nd February 2013.


  • Questions and Answers (last update : 20-02-2013)
  • Contract award notice NEW


  • Contract Notice
  • Invitation to tenderers
  • Tender specifications
  • Annex Ia: Tender submission form
  • Annex Ib: Letter of mandate
  • Annex IIa: Legal entity form for public entities
  • Annex IIb: Legal entity form for private companies
  • Annex IIc: Legal entity form for individuals
  • Annex III: Financial identification form - the "Privacy statement"
  • Annex IV: Declaration of honour
  • Annex V - Financial offer
  • Annex VI: Draft Contract and annexes
  • Annex VII: Economic and financial capacity overview
  • Annex VIII: Checklist
  • Annex IX: Checklist on Selection Criteria

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NB: The original versions of the above documents are prepared in English. All the other language versions are only translations of the original English version that are made available for the information of the tenderers.

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