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Call 2013: Tenders

Please note that the deadline for submission of tenders passed.

Call for tender n° EAHC/2013/Health/09 concerning pilots on early dialogue between health technology assessors and healthcare product developers during the development phase of medicinal products and medical devices


The European Union (EU) has supported cooperation projects in the field of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) since 2006. The European Commission's approach to HTA is to focus on clinical aspects of an HTA (i.e. technology description, safety issues and relative effectiveness) where data are seen to be more easily transferrable across Member States.

In line with the conclusions of the 2008 Ministerial Pharmaceutical Forum, improving and anticipating the collection of clinical evidence before licensing (i.e. at the end of phase II of a clinical trial for a medicinal product) would enable easier and quicker HTA processes after licensing, leading to quicker decisions on uptake of new products. Early dialogues are therefore supposed to bring benefit to HTA authorities, regulators and individual volunteering companies.

Therefore the purpose of this call for tender is to give support to conducting early dialogues aiming at improving the data collection during the development phase of the technology. The contractor will develop a number of methodological protocols and test them through 10 early dialogues pilots.

The maximum volume of this call for tender is 500 000€.

The deadline to submit tenders is the 7 June 2013.


  • Questions and Answers (last update: 05-06-2013)
  • Contract award notice NEW



  • Contract Notice
  • Invitation to tenderers
  • Tender specifications
  • PDF tender form zip (Adobe Reader 9.5 or higher is required)

    How to complete the call for tender form - Step by step guide NEW

    Note: this PDF form contains the following annexes:

    • Annex Ia: Tender submission form
    • Annex Ib: Letter of mandate
    • Annex IIa: Legal entity form for public entities
    • Annex IIb: Legal entity form for private entities
    • Annex IIc: Legal entity form for natural persons
    • Annex III: Financial identification form
    • Annex IV: Declaration of honour
    • Annex V: Financial offer form
    • Annex VII: Economic and financial capacity overview form
  • Annex VI: Draft Contract and annexes
  • Annex VIII: Checklist (last update: 06-05-2013)
  • Annex IX: Checklist on the technical and professional capacity under the selection criteria

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