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Call 2009: Tenders

Previous calls for tenders

Please note that the deadline for submission of tenders in the following calls passed.

Policy objectives

The EU Health Programme has three general objectives:

  • to improve citizens’ health security;
  • to promote health, including the reduction of health inequalities;
  • to generate and disseminate health information and knowledge.

In 2009, more actions can be financed through calls for tender. The annual work plan (Commission decision) defines priority areas where the Programme can be implemented through tenders.

What is a tender?

The aim of tender is to purchase the provision of services, the execution of works, the supply of assets or to conclude building contracts. In general, the Work Plan for 2009 foresees a significant number of calls for tenders for the provision of services, in particular preparation of studies, surveys and analyses concerning various areas of public health.

Who can apply?

Participation in public procurement procedures is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons (economic operators) from:

  • the 27 Member States of the European Union,
  • countries party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), such as Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway,
  • Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania under their own Stabilisation and Association Agreements (SAA).

In case of purchase of services, when the value of the tender amounts to 133.000 euro or more, economic operators established in the following countries can also submit an offer:

  • Canada, Hong Kong, China, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands with respect to Aruba, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States - countries party to the Multilateral Agreement on Government Procurement concluded within the World Trade Organisation (WTO),
  • Mexico and Chile on the basis of their bilateral agreements with the European Community.

Organisations from other countries can only participate as subcontractors of the tenderer.

General principles

The following general principles apply to public procurement procedures:

  • transparency,
  • equal treatment and non-discrimination,
  • proportionality,
  • fair competition.

The procedure

In general, public procurement procedures start with the publication of the contract notice in the ‘S’ series of the Official Journal. It can be found online and free of charge in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) on

The contract notice specifies the subject, the estimated value of the purchase and indicates the deadline for submitting an offer. The documents containing the conditions for submission will be available for downloading on the website of the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency.

The received offers will be evaluated against the criteria indicated in the tender specifications and the contract will be awarded to the selected tenderer.

How submit an offer

Before submitting a tender, please read carefully the following main legal acts:

and the documents related to the call for tender, in particular:

  • the contract notice published in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED),
  • the invitation to tenderers,
  • the tender specifications and its annexes,
  • the draft contract.

All the documents are available on the EAHC website from the publication of the call for tender.

For more information please contact EAHC Helpdesk at

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