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Conference: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Europe - Are National Public Health Laws Fit for Purpose?

25 August 2010

Recent world events show that major global disease outbreaks cannot always be controlled with medical intervention. Public health laws can play an important role in assisting in the control and mitigation of, the spread of disease at national and international levels.

EU Health Programme co-funded a public health law project (PHLawFlu), which looks at the use of law as a tool in promoting and protecting public health, with specific reference to human pandemic influenza. The project also set up the European Public Health Law Network.

A conference organised by the PHLawFlu team at the European Parliament in Brussels on 23 September 2010 will use the evidence gathered in the project to: - Learn about how different countries use their laws to support public health - Reflect on the differences in how laws are framed across Europe and think about the possible challenges this raises - Consider how laws strengthen regional responses to public health crises, or hinder control efforts - Highlight areas in public health law research that need to be addressed

This one one-day event, which will be interesting for anyone with an involvement in pandemic influenza preparedness and response, is free of charge. You can read more about it on the project's website.

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