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Addiction Prevention: Sharing good practices and results

25 January 2010


Several projects on the promotion of a healthier lifestyle and the reduction of major diseases and injuries by tackling health determinant, focusing on addiction prevention, tobacco, alcohol and Illicit drugs, have been financed through the Public Health Programme 2003- 2008 and the Second Health Programme 2008-2013.

The different projects and networks develop different models of information gathering about national experiences of best practice. The adoption of a common model of best practices assessment based on scientific evidence is one of the priorities during the peer review evaluation and negotiation of the actions by EAHC project officers.

Since 2008 the EAHC has developed collaboration with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), in line with the Commissions policy priorities. The EMCDDA has created the best practice portal, which is a resource for professionals, policymakers and researchers in the areas of drug-related prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration. Its main aim is to provide tools and standards to improve the quality of interventions and highlight examples of best practice across Europe.

The portal presents an overview of the latest evidence of different interventions, in terms of efficacy and effectiveness. It contains tools to improve interventions, whilst highlighting real-life examples of evaluated practices, which are implemented within EU Member States.

Aim of the workshop

The main purpose of the workshop was to establish synergies between projects, share methods of assessment of best/good practices and results, and to orient policies to be developed and implemented at Member State and European level, with a special focus on addiction prevention. The reinforcement of cooperation between European institutions, and Member States organisations through developing collaborations between project-related experts was another added value of the meeting.

The key aim of the workshop were to reach a common statement on the definition of good practice, by comparing the definitions or methods used by the projects addressing tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug addiction, and exchange expertise between the addiction organisations at Member State level.


Introductory session

Addiction prevention projects: Tobacco - Chair: Dirk Meusel (rep. Antoinette Martiat) Actions developed in line with the overall EU approach on tobacco control as well as the Framework Convention on Tobacco control

Addiction prevention projects: Alcohol - Chair: Dirk Meusel Actions in line with the Commission's Communication on an EU Strategy to support MS in reducing alcohol related harm, and in order to further develop policies to reduce alcohol related harm

Addiction prevention projects: Illicit Drugs – Chair: Cinthia Menel Lemos/Dirk Meusel In line with the EU Drugs Strategy and Action Plan, the Drug prevention and information programme and Council recommendation 2003/488/EC on the Prevention and reduction of health-related harm associate with Drug dependence

Other highlights