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EU funded health projects help fight HIV/AIDS

1 December 2009

On World AIDS Day, 1 December, the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers draws attention to EU funded projects, which bring together people living with HIV, doctors and health personnel, researchers, activists, and policy makers to ensure an adequate response to epidemic.

There are 44 projects tackling HIV/AIDS co-funded in the framework of the European Health Programme between 2006 and 2009. The total funding for these actions amounted to 22,484,658 euro.

The funded projects deal with key issues related to the epidemic, such as prevention, survailence, access to health care, training of carers, and building of political support through advocacy.

Area of Action 1: Leadership and advocacy

1. Responsibility & Partnership - together against HIV/AIDS, TAHA,Bundesministerium fur
Gesundheit (Federal Ministry of Health) (DE), EC co-funding 289.657,00€

2. 5th European Conference on Clinical and Social Research on AIDS and DRUGS – Lietuvos AIDS centras (LT), Conference, EC co-funding 100.000,00€,

3.HR 2010, Harm reduction 2010: IHRA 21st International Conference on the Reduction of Drug-related Harms, EC co funding 50.000, 00€, under negotiation.

4. UNAIDS Awareness Rising on HIV/AIDS, EC co funding 250.000,00€, under negotiation

Involvement of the civil society

5. AAE AIDS Action Europe: Public Policy Dialogue and Linking and Learning, Soa AIDS Nederland (NL), Operating Grant, EC cofunding 200.000,00€

6. SANL 2010, AIDS Action Europe, Soa AIDS Nederland (NL), Operating Grant, EC cofunding 289.851,00€, under negotiation


Area of action 2: Participation in prevention and treatment

Implement the training programme
7. ACTIVATE, Capacity building and training in HIV/AIDS treatment and management across Europe, Fondazione PENTA (IT), EC co funding 356.056,00€,

Developing behavioural data collection
8. EMIS European MSM Internet survey on knowledge, attitudes and behaviour as to HIV and STI, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (DE), EC co-funding 718.515,37 €.


Area of action 3. Surveillance for early warning

Facilitate the setting-up of sentinel surveillance in high-risk groups in countries with a low-level epidemic

9. Bordernet work, Highly active prevention: scale up HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, diagnostic and therapy across sectors and borders in CEE and SEE, SPI Forschung gGmbH, EC cofunding 1.243.502,00€ , under negotiation,


Area of action 4. Prevention of new HIV infections

Develop and implement the strategy innovative strategy to promote safe sex and address the increase in risk-taking behaviour among youth

10. European Network for HIV/STI prevention and Health promotion among migrant sex workers, Tampep International Foundation (NL), EC cofunding 869.622,00€,

11. SAFE II, Sexual Awareness for Europe: ensuring healthy future generations who love and care for each other, IPPFwith EC co-funding of 650.000,00€, , under negotiation.

12. SAFESEX - Mobile sexuality – towards a new European strategy in sex education and prevention of STDs, Center for Sex og Sundhed (DK), EC co funding 709.361,00€ , under negotiation

13. YouthSexualViolence - Understanding and addressing youth sexual coercion and violence as a threat to young people’s sexual health in Europe, Rutgers Nisso Groep (NL) EC co funding 658.866,00€ , under negotiation 

Include youth as a priority target group for the development of public health intervention

14. SUNFLOWER, Young and HIV: European network to arrange an innovative prevention campaign and to exchange good practices- experiences in Europe, ANLAIDS Sez. Lombarda (IT), EC cofunding 250.000,00€,

15. HBV-HCV-HIV: Three different and serious threats for European young people. A Network to study and face these challenges in the EU - H-CUBE, by the University of Sassary(IT), EC cofunding 580.000,00€.

Harm reduction 16. Moretreat, Models of good practice in drug treatment in European Commission Strategic European Inventory on drugs, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (DE), EC cofunding 299.336,00€

17. HNT Healthy Nightlife Toolbox - Effective Interventions for (Youth) Drug Use in Recreational Settings, Trimbos Institute (NL), EC cofunding 507.431,66€,

18. SEID, Strategic European Inventory on Drugs, Federazione Italiana Comunità Terapeutiche (IT), EC cofunding 301.525,00€

19. SDDCare - Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main (DE), EC co-funding 299.991,00 € , http://www.fhfrankfurt. de/de/forschung_transfer/institute/isff/projekte/sddcare/sddcare_engl.html

20. FreD goes net, Early intervention for first-time noticed drug users, Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (DE), EC cofunding 700.000,00€

21. European standards in evidence for drug prevention, Prevention Standards, by Liverpool John Moores University – LJMU (UK), EC co funding 284.507,00€.

22. TEN D by Night (Dark, Dance, Disco, Dose, Drugs, Drive, Danger, Damage, Disability, Death), Consepi S.p.a (IT), EC cofunding: 500,000,00€

23. HEalth & ROad safety : volunteering heroes, HEROES, Fondation Tanguy Moreau de Melen Responsible Young Drivers – Secura Forum (BE), EC co funding 650,000.00€

24. DC&D II - Democracy, Cities & Drugs II, by European Forum for Urban Safety (FESU), EC co-funding 900,000.00€,

25. WHO2008, Scaling up harm reduction to prevent transmission of infectious disease, WHO direct grant agreement, EC co-funding 300.000, 00€, under negotiation,

26. SRAP – Addiction prevention within ROMA and SINTI communities, Commune di Bologna (IT), EC co funding 661.385,00€ , under negotiation 

Monitor the data compiled by Member States

27. EU Blood inspection - Development of pan European standards and criteria for the inspection of blood establishments, Institut für Transfusionsmedizin und Immunhämatologie, klinikum der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main( DE), EC cofunding 709.845,00€,

28. POSEIDON - Promoting Optimisation, safety, experience sharing and quality implementation for donation, EC cofunding 1.099.999,00€

29. EUOBUP- EU Optimal blood use project, NHS Scotland (UK), EC cofunding 500.000,00 €,

30. 2007202 Domaine, Creating a safe and sufficient donor population in Europe: comparing and recommending good donor management practices, Sanquin Blood Bank Southeast Region, Nijmegen (NL), EC co funding 500.000,00 €,

Develop HIV prevention strategies for prisons/Identify best practices for HIV prevention in prisons in Europe

31. CONNECTIONS, Integrated responses to drugs and infections across European criminal justice systems, University of Kent (UK), EC co funding 851.236, 00€, ,

32. TCJP Training Criminal Justice Professionals in Harm Reduction Services for Vulnerable groups, Wissenschaftliches Institut der Ärzte Deutschlands (WIAD) (DE), EC cofunding 299.956,00€

33. HPYP Health Promotion for Young prisoners, Wissenschaftliches Institut des Arzte Deutchlands (DE), EC co funding 500.000,00€ , under negotiation 

Promote prevention and Voluntary Counselling and Testing

34.HIV-COBATEST HIV Community based testing practices in Europe, Fundacion Instituto’Investigacion en Ciencias de la Salut Germans Trias I Pujol (ES), EC co funding 449.663,00€ , under negotiation

35. Access - Improving Access to HIV/TB testing for marginalised groups, Fondazione Villa Mariani onlus (IT), EC co funding 411.012,00€ , under negotiation

Develop a training module for HIV/AIDS peer education

36. AIDS & MOBILITY, AIDS & Mobility Europe 2007 – 2010 "Ethno-Medizinisches Centrum, (DE), EC co funding 499.767,00€,

37. Everywhere, Modelo metodológico de prevención del VHI en hombres que tienen sexo con hombres: En todas partes. University of Brighton (UK), Ec-cofunding 490.770,04 €

38. Kinship carers and prevention - sharing good practice in supporting kinship carers to prevent substance related harm to young people, Mentor Foundation (UK), EC co-funding: 699,995,00€,


Area of action 5. Capacity building

Support capacity-building among service providers to improve access for vulnerable groups

39. Correlation II - European Network Social Inclusion and Health, Stichting De Regenboog AMOC (NL), Stichting De Regenboog MOC Inloophuizen AMOC (NL), EC co-funding 900.000,00€,

40. EUROSUPPORT 6 (ES VI) : Developing a training and resource package for improving the sexual and reproductive health of people living with HIV/AIDS , EC co-funding 700.000,00€

Treatment preparedness

41. EATG: Support to EATG in promoting Universal Access (UA) to prevention, treatment, care and support to New MS and New Neighbourhood countries, European AIDS Treatment Group e.V. (BE), Operating Grant, EC co-funding 149.400,00€

Develop a training module on treatment preparedness

42. 2006301- ACTIVATE, Capacity building and training in HIV/AIDS treatment and management across Europe, Fondazione PENTA (IT), EC co funding 356.056,00€,

43. 2008226 MAIDS: Developing HIV/AIDS & Mental health Programs in the new EU countries (PL, EE, LV, LT, BU), Spoleczny Komitet ds. AIDS Social AIDS Committee (PL), EC co funding 350.000,00€

Laboratory capacity (Training of personnel)

44. 2007309 - SIALON, Capacity building in HIV/Syphilis prevalence estimation using non-invasive methods among MSM in Southern and Eastern Europe, Regione del Veneto (IT), EC cofunding 397.353,00€