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Chafea press conference 15 and 16 October 2012 on WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO BE VACCINATED?
Lessons learned from outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases


Press review

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  Presentation Poster Abstract
Session 1: Perception of vaccination among target groups and obstacles for vaccination uptake
  • "Perception of vaccination among parents of children with chronic diseases and obstacles for vaccination uptake”, health professionals perspective
    (video Day 1: 33.49-57.57 min)
- -
  • “Eliminating measles” video by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC)
    (specific video on ECDC)
- - -
Session 2: Presentation of projects on vaccine development, cost effectiveness analysis
  • “Combating flu in a combined action between industry and the public sector in order to secure adequate and fast interventions in Europe (FLUSECURE)”
    (video Day 1: 1.52:25-2.12:24 min)
  • “A generic framework for fast production and evaluation of emergency vaccines (FASTVAC)”
    (video Day 1: 2.12:49-2.28:35 min)
  • “Cost-effectiveness assessment of European influenza human pandemic alert and response strategies (FLURESP)”
    (video Day 1: 2.28:49-2.36:47 min)
Session 3: Vaccine preventable diseases epidemiology and monitoring
  • “European surveillance network for selected vaccine-preventable diseases (EUVAC2 .NET)”
    (video Day 1: 3.16:1-3.25:31 min)
  • “The European Monitoring of excess mortality for public health action (EUROMOMO)”
    (video Day 1: 3.26:06-3.35:39 min)
  • “Influenza Monitoring Vaccine Effectiveness in Europe. Estimates of Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Europe, 2009–2010: Results of the Multicentre Case-Control Study (I-MOVE)”
    (video Day 1: 3.36:03-3.50:20 min)
Session 3bis: Follow-up of session 3 Vaccine preventable diseases epidemiology and monitoring
  • “Vaccine Safety - Attitudes, Training and Communication (VACSATC)”
    (video Day 2: 1.37:06-1.44:34 min)
  • “European conference on Immunisation Information System Conference (ECIIS)”
    (video Day 2: 1.45:47-1.54:27 min)
  • “Modelling the spread of pandemic influenza and strategies for its containment and mitigation (FLUMODCONT)”
    (video Day 2: 1.55:32-2.10:08 min)
  • “Vaccine European New Integrated Collaboration Effort (VENICE)”
    (video Day 2: 2.10:36-2.26:58 min)
  • “Vaccine Adverse Event Surveillance & Communication (VAESCO)”
    (video Day 2: 2.27:06-2.40:24 min)
Session 4: Vaccination policies at the EU MS, strategies to reach the target groups of migrants and health professionals and barriers for effective protection
  • “Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Migrant Population in the Mediterranean Countries and Balkans (EPISOUTH)”
    (video Day 2: 2.49:07-3.02:46 min)
  • “The Promotion of vaccination among Migrants populations in Europe (PROMOVAX)”
    (video Day 2: 3.03:25-3.11:12 min)
  • “Promotion of Immunization for Health Professionals in Europe (HProImmune)”
    (video Day 2: 3.11:14-3.18:41 min)
Session 5: The impact of EU health policies on national programmes
  • “EU wide pandemic vaccine strategies. EU Member States preparedness for future pandemics. Measures to ensure the availability of vaccines for all European citizens Joint procurement aspects of the influenza vaccination”
    (video Day 2: 3.42:33-3.59:20 min)
- -
  • “Combating vaccine-preventable diseases in the European Region: focus on Measles Elimination. WHO recommendations and key actions”
    (video Day 2: 3.59:31-4.20:12 min)
- -
  • “Collecting information at European level: an added value for promoting vaccination and preventing infectious diseases”
    (video Day 2: 4.20:20-4.37:26 min)
- -
  • “Assessment of the Health programme projects outcomes by evaluating the results of VENICE project: preliminary results from the PHIRE project”
    (video Day 2: 4.37:37-4.46:30 min)
- -

Closing speech by Mr John F. Ryan, acting Director for Public Health Directorate, European Commission DG SANCO



Day 1: 15-10-2012 (size: 1,08 GB)

Day 2: 16-10-2012 (size: 1,33 GB)

“Eliminating measles” video by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) (size: 610 MB)

For the videos, you can see the duration and the position of each project here



Luxembourg, 15 – 16 October 2012

Jean Monnet building, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2920, Luxembourg, Meeting room JMO M6


Chafea Communication Officer