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Funding Health in Europe

National Funding

In order to complete the list of funding opportunities for health actions also the Structural Funds have to be mentioned.
The Structural Funds are the European Union’s main instruments for supporting social and economic restructuring across the EU through allocated money among the Member States. They account for over one third of the European Union budget and are used to tackle regional disparities and support regional development through actions including developing infrastructure and telecommunications, developing human resources and supporting research and development.
The two main important funds are the ERDF and the ESF:


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – main objectives:

The objective of the ERDF is to help reinforce economic and social cohesion by redressing regional imbalances. This is achieved by supporting the development and structural adjustment of regional economies, including the conversion of declining industrial regions.

Under the “Convergence” objective, the ERDF focuses its assistance on supporting sustainable integrated economic development and the creation of sustainable jobs. Operational programmes in the Member States are aimed at modernising and diversifying regional economic structures, particularly in the following fields:

  • research and technological development (R&TD), innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • information society;
  • environment;
  • risk prevention;
  • tourism;
  • investment in culture
  • investment in transport;
  • energy;
  • investment in education;
  • investment in health and social infrastructures;
  • direct assistance for investment in SMEs.

For more information about the ERDF please see here.


European Social Fund (ESF):

The ESF is set up to reduce differences in prosperity and living standards across Europe and therefore promoting economic and social cohesion. For more general information please see here.

The funding priorities diverge from country to country: To see the current specific funding areas of each country, please see here.


Notice: Both Funds (ERDF and ESF) are administrated by national authorities. To find more specific information and potential contacts, you have to search specifically on the applicable national level.