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Call 2013: Tenders

Call for tender n° EAHC/2013/BTSF/03: Organisation and implementation of training activities on Animal identification, registration and traceability under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

The present call for tender covers the organisation and implementation of training activities on Animal identification, registration and traceability.

The contractor will organise and implement 10 four-day training courses covering relevant aspects of animal identification, registration and traceability.

The training sessions will be held in three or more distinct locations, to be chosen by the Contractor, geographically equally distributed among the different EU Member States. As the matters covered will need practical demonstration, the location should be close to holdings/structures that can grant the availability of such practical training.

The topics addressed in the courses will include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • The main rules in the regulations on identification and registration of animals: Regulation (EC) No 1760/2000, 21/2004, 504/2008 and Directive 2008/71/EC), including their implementing rules;
  • Derogations from the main rules: logic, conditions and ramifications, benefits (e.g. reduction of admin burden);
  • Specificities of electronic identification;
  • Specificities for registered horses;
  • Requirements for and best practices in designing, operating and interconnecting national databases;
  • Relevant elements from the linked intra-EU trade Directives (e.g. Dir 64/432/EEC, 91/68/EEC, 2009/156/EC and 92/65/EEC) with specific emphasis on markets, assembly centres, dealers premises and marshaling centres, etc;
  • Similarities and differences between requirements, characteristics and flows of various species and breeding/production animals and animals for direct slaughter;
  • Requirements in horizontal legislation in veterinary checks: cf. Art 3, 4 and 20 of Directive 90/425/EEC and the role of TRACES (also future new legal framework following the new proposal on official controls1;
  • Animal identification, registration and traceability links in ensuring animal health protection and rapid reaction capability (e.g. foot and mouth disease outbreaks in sheep) and food safety (e.g. BSE in bovine animals);
  • EU regulation on animal health– new proposal for legislation concerning, inter alia, registration, approval, traceability and movements and its future ramifications for this area (depending on the final rule);
  • Relationship with cross-compliance rules for EU agri-payments.

In order to achieve the best results from the training courses, the expected global number is 280 participants for the whole training programme.

For more information, please contact under the following reference: EAHC/2013/BTSF/03.

The deadline to submit tenders for this procedure is the 27 September 2013.



  • Invitation to tender
  • Contract notice
  • Tender specifications
  • PDF tender form zip (Adobe Reader 9.5 or higher is required)

    How to complete the call for tender form - Step by step guide

    Note: this PDF form contains the following annexes:

    • Annex Ia - Tender submission form
    • Annex Ib - Letter of mandate
    • Annex IIa - Legal entity form for public entities
    • Annex IIb - Legal entity form for private entities
    • Annex IIc - Legal entity form for individuals
    • Annex III - Financial identification form
    • Annex IV - Declaration of honour
    • Annex VII - Economic and financial capacity overview
  • Annex V - Financial Offer Form
  • Annex VI - Draft contract and annexes
  • Annex VIII - Checklist
  • Annex IX - Statement of availability and exclusivity

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1 COM(2013) 265 final