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Call 2012: Tenders

Call for tender EAHC/2012/BTSF/07: Organisation and implementation of training activities on specific EU Quality schemes mainly for EU Member States under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

The present call for tender covers the organisation and implementation of training activities on specific EU quality schemes, which comprise the protected designation schemes and the scheme for organic farming.

The objective of the training is to disseminate best practices for control procedures, improving knowledge of this area of work and ensuring consistent and rigorous implementation of rules across the Union. Bringing together participants from different EU Member States should contribute to increase the compatibility of the control procedures and practice across the EU and allow exchange of experience among them.

The training is mainly addressed to Member State staff in charge of controls of the schemes for organic and protected designations and to the staff of private control bodies to which this task has been delegated.

The contractor will organise and implement 20 three-day training courses in three or more appropriate EU locations to be selected by the contractor. The training courses will refer to the following fields:

  1. Organic farming
  2. Protected designation schemes

The Contractor will organise and implement:

  • Course 1: 10 three-day training courses dedicated to field a);
  • Course 2: 10 three-day training courses dedicated to field b).

The workshops will be designed in order to cover the two main fields highlighted above. In particular, the topics to be addressed in the workshops will include but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. control of undertakings under the EU organic and protected designations legislation, notably:
    • controls on primary and secondary (processors) producers;
    • controls on the distribution and transport chain, including import, packing and wholesale;
    • controls at retail level.
  2. understanding requirements of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 and its application to organic and protected designations legislation;
  3. responsibilities and activities of the Competent Authority, including: oversight of Control Bodies;
  4. responsibilities and supervision of Control Bodies where tasks have been delegated to them, and in particular Control Bodies acting as Product Certification Bodies;
  5. understanding requirements of EN 45011 or ISO/IEC Guide 65, on General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems, and accreditation requirements under Regulation (EC) No 765/2008, and their application to organic and protected designations legislation;
  6. reporting requirements of the MS to the European Commission;
  7. discussion in groups on common problems concerning the control systems and on their solution.

The attendance should be approximately 30 people for each course which means an expected global number of 615 for the whole training programme. The courses will be offered first to participants from EU Member States and other countries according to the following indicative instructions (for each workshop):

  • no more than 25 participants (510 in total) coming from EU Member States and candidate countries (Iceland, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) with a maximum of 2 officials per country; approximately 1 participant (20 in total) coming from EFTA and EEA countries (e.g. Norway, Switzerland); approximately 4 participants (85 in total) coming from the ENP countries, Mediterranean basin countries and from selected third countries.

The contractor is requested to foresee in the tender travel costs for participants from these countries in the following way: 23 participants from the ENP countries (e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, and Russia), 23 participants from Mediterranean basin countries (e.g. Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco), 16 participants from Latin American countries (e.g. Brazil and Argentina), 7 participants from other African countries (e.g. Senegal and South Africa) and 16 participants from other Asian countries (e.g. Thailand, India and China).

For more information, please contact under the following reference: EAHC/2012/BTSF/07.

The deadline to submit tenders for this procedure is the 07 February 2013.


  • Contract award notice en
  • Invitation to tender
  • Contract notice
  • Tender specifications
  • Annexes:
    • Annex Ia - Tender submission form
    • Annex Ib - Letter of mandate
    • Annex IIa - Legal entity form for public entities
    • Annex IIb - Legal entity form for private entities
    • Annex IIc - Legal entity form for individuals
    • Annex III - Financial identification form
    • Annex IV - Declaration of honour
    • Annex V - Financial Offer Form
    • Annex VI - Draft contract and annexes
    • Annex VII - Economic and financial capacity overview
    • Annex VIII - Checklist
    • Annex IX - Statement of availability and exclusivity
  • Questions and Answers (updated on 11.01.2013)

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