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Consumer Programme Tenders

Call for tender n° EAHC/2013/CP/02: Framework contract for capacity building actions for consumer organisations

The global objective of the FWC is to provide training aiming to build the capacity and effectiveness of consumer organisations, and to promote exchange of practices between their staff members, in particular for consumer organisations based in Member States (MS), EEA and candidate countries where they are not sufficiently developed or which demonstrate a relatively low level of consumer confidence and awareness.

The following activities can be requested in order to achieve the global objective of the contract. :

  • Activity 1: Web networking platform development and hosting services
  • Activity 2: E-learning modules
  • Activity 3: Class teaching
  • Activity 4: Local training courses
  • Activity 5: Expert courses

The maximum value for this Framework Contract is EUR 3 million over a maximum period of 4 years (the duration of the FWC will be for 2 years with 2 possible renewals for 1 year each, reaching up to maximum duration of the FWC of 4 years).

The Executive Agency in accordance with its responsibilities for the implementation of the Consumer Programme will manage the award and implementation of the Framework Contract and the subsequent specific contracts.

For more information please contact: with the reference of EAHC/2013/CP/02.

The deadline to submit tenders for this procedure is 21st of June 2013.


  • Contract Award Notice NEW


    • Final report of the survey for identification of priority training needs of consumer organisations in order to develop further capacity building activities (NEW)
    • Questions and Answers
    • Contract notice en
    • Invitation to tenderers en
    • Tender specifications en
    • PDF tender submission form zip (Adobe Reader 9.5 or higher is required)

      How to complete the call for tender form - Step by step guide

      Note: this PDF form contains the following annexes:

      • Annex Ia: Tender submission form
      • Annex Ib: Letter of mandate
      • Annex IIa: Legal entity form for public entities
      • Annex IIb: Legal entity form for private entities
      • Annex IIb: Legal entity form for natural persons
      • Annex III: Financial identification form
      • Annex IV: Declaration of honour
      • Annex VII: Economic and financial capacity overview form
    • Annex V - Financial offer form
    • Annex VI - Draft contract and annexes
    • Annex VIII - Checklist
    • Annex IX - Sample of previous training material
    • Annex X - Service Level Agreement
    • Annex XI - Statement of Availability for project members
    • Annex XII - Checklist on selection criteria

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