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Consumer Programme Tenders


Framework contract for the updating and development of consumer information and education website, IT management and measures to promote the website

The Consumer Programme 2007-2013 foresees actions under Objective 2 dedicated to consumer education. This procurement procedure concerns the launch of a new Framework Contract for the updating and development of consumer information and education website, IT management and measures to promote the website as foreseen in the 2010 Work programme.

DOLCETA (Development of On Line Consumer Education Tools for Adults) is a website on consumer issues with educational and information material, and interactive tools. The website exists in 21 languages (in the case of Belgium two language versions) and 27 country versions (EU Member States).

DOLCETA website was originally developed as an adult education tool, for use by adult educators. Over the years, materials for teachers in primary and secondary schools were added, and the main texts revised with a view of targeting adult consumers directly.

The website currently consists of a Teachers’ corner with three sections of educational materials (except for United Kingdom and the Netherlands only two) and five consumer information sections (currently called “modules”). By mid 2011 an additional section about food and food safety is scheduled to be on-line.

The global objective of the FWC is the IT management and maintenance, updating, promotion and further development of the content of DOLCETA website in function of the needs of its target groups.

The following activities are to be performed in order to achieve the global objective of the contract:

  • Activity 1: Project management
  • Activity 2: IT development and system management
  • Activity 3: Updating and improvement of existing information sections, and development of new information sections
  • Activity 4: Improvement of existing education sections and development of new educations sections
  • Activity 5: Promotion of or its specific sections amongst selected target groups

The maximum contract value for this Framework Contract is EUR 6 million over a maximum period of 3 years (the duration of the FWC will be for 2 years with one possible renewal for 1 year, the FWC reaching up to maximum duration of 3 years).

The Executive Agency in accordance with its responsibilities for the implementation of the Consumer Programme will manage the award and implementation of the Framework Contract and the subsequent specific contracts.

For more information please contact: with the reference of EAHC/2010/CP/03.

The deadline to submit tenders for this procedure is 21st of March 2011.

Due to the late arrival of one offer at Chafea premises, a second opening session will be held on 30 March 2011, at 10.00 am in DRB building, room A03/043. Tenderers' representatives, interested in attending the opening, are kindly invited to send their request as soon as possible at


  • Contract Award Notice enen(corrigendum of 10.08.2011)


  • Contract Notice en
  • Invitation to tenderers en
  • Tender specifications en
  • Annexes:
    • Annex Ia: Tender submission form en
    • Annex Ib: Letter of mandate
    • Annex IIa: Legal entity form for public entities en
    • Annex IIb: Legal entity form for private entities en
    • Annex IIc: Legal entity form for individuals en
    • Annex III: Financial identification form en
    • Annex IV: Declaration of honour
    • Annex V: Financial offer form en
    • Annex VI: Draft contract and annexes en
    • Annex VII: Economic and financial capacity overview form en (updated on : 17-02-2011)
    • Annex VIII: Checklist en
    • Annex IX: Overview of the contents of the DOLCETA website en
    • Annex X: Technical Annex of the DOLCETA website en
    • Annex XI: Google Analytics Report April 2010 – June 2010 en
    • Annex XIa: Example of Statistical Report 2010 en
    • Annex XII: Profiles of the Project Management Team Members en
    • Annex XIII: Network of National Partners en
    • Annex XIV: Profiles of the National Team Leaders en
    • Annex XV: Statement of Availability en
    • Annex XVI: Instructions for the SLA for the hosting of en
  • Questions and Answers (updated on : 15-03-2011)


NB: The official and original documents on which your offer is to be based are those provided in English. Translations of the procurement documents into other languages are made available for information. In case of doubt, only the English version is authentic.