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Consumer Programme: Previous Calls

Financial support to European consumer organisations (Updated)

Call for Proposals 2009

Chafea may award financial contributions for the activities of European consumer organisations (actions 5 and 6 of Decision No 1926/2006/EC establishing a programme for Community action in the field of consumer policy).

These are non-governmental, non-profit making, independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interest, and have as their primary objectives and activities the promotion and protection of the health, safety and economic interests of consumers in the Community.

The attached documents outline the procedures for presenting proposals and define the eligibility criteria, including the representativeness of membership, sources of funding and internal rules.

Update: extension of deadline to 25 September 2009
Please use the new application forms.

For more information please contact:

AMENDED Call for proposal 2009 for actions 5 and 6

AMENDED Application form Action 5

AMENDED Application form Action 6

Structure of the work programme for Action 6

Grants awarded