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Consumer Programme: Previous Calls

Information campaign on consumer rights and promotion of consumer organisations in Bulgaria

Call for tender

The Consumer Policy Strategy 2007-2013 foresees actions related to consumer information as part of its priority 'Better informed and educated consumers'. The overall EU information strategy aims to complement Member State information efforts. Decision 1926/2006/EC of the European Parliament and the Council[1] emphasizes the need for information actions on consumer rights in the new Member States.

Consumers in the new Member States have now acquired rights deriving from the transposition of EU legislation. According to the competent authorities and consumer associations, the level of awareness of consumer rights in Bulgaria is generally low. In many areas, the concept of consumer rights is new, knowledge about specific rights is lacking as well as the ability to assert consumer rights.

In 2008 the Commission published a call for tender n° SANCO/2008/B6/23 for which no contract was attributed. Therefore the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency is republishing lot 1, lot 2 and the part concerning Bulgaria of lot 5 of the former call for tender.

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  • Contract notice 2009/S 17-023264
  • Invitation letter
  • Tender specifications
  • Annex I - Tender submission form
  • Annex II - Financial identification form
  • Annex III - Table daily subsistence rates
  • Annex IV - Certification Exclusion Criteria
  • Annex V - Budget
  • Annex VI - Draft contract
  • Annex VII - Financial capacity overview
  • Annex VIII - Checklist
  • Questions and Answers
  • Contract award notice

NB: The official and original documents on which your offer is to be based are those provided in English. Translations of the specifications, draft contract and other tender documents into Bulgarian, French and German are made available for information. In case of doubt, only the English version is authentic.