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Consumer Programme: Previous Calls

Specific Joint Surveillance and Enforcement Actions in the area of consumer product safety (non food)

Call for Proposals 2009

Chafea may award financial contributions to surveillance and enforcement authorities for joint surveillance and enforcement actions related to the application of Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety (the GPSD).

The joint surveillance and enforcement actions should be in the area of non-food consumer product safety and involve administrative cooperation between the authorities or other designated bodies of several Member states and EFTA/EEA countries, in particular on product testing, risk assessment, market monitoring, and exchange of expertise and best practices related to market surveillance.

The financial contributions in question may be awarded to surveillance and enforcement authorities and other non-profit-making bodies designated by the Member States, EFTA/EEA countries, as well as third countries under the applicable conditions, and agreed by the Commission.

The attached document outlines the procedures for presenting proposals in the framework of the GPSD Committee. This document is published for information only.

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Invitation letter

Procedure for presenting proposals (text of the call)

Grants awarded

NB: The official and original documents on which your proposal is to be based are those provided in English. Translations are made available for information. In case of doubt, only the English version is authentic.