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What is it about?
Faced with unprecedented energy challenges, the European Union is committed to its "3 times 20 target" – 20 per cent less greenhouse gases, 20 per cent better energy efficiency, and a 20 per cent share of renewables - to build a secure and cleaner energy future.

Intelligent Energy - Europe comes in support of these objectives by tackling the "softer" factors: removing market barriers, changing behaviour, creating a more favourable business environment for growing energy efficiency and renewables markets, and making EU energy policies better understood in Europe's communities and regions.


What's in it for you?
Between 2007 and 2013 some €730 million are available to fund European projects to promote energy efficiency and renewables, and to set up local or regional energy agencies.

More than 400 European projects and more than 60 local/regional energy agencies have been funded in previous years.

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