EACI Experts Registration System


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use the EACI Experts Registration System (ERS)

1.1. I register for the first time in EACI ERS database. What should I do?

Choose the "Register as an Expert" link and fill in the registration fields to create your account. You will then be able to enter your details on the EACI ERS database.
Please also see further FAQ's in the "Registration" and "Completing the forms" sections.

1.2. I have previously entered my details in the EACI ERS database. How can I update them?

Log in to ERS by choosing the "Registered users please login here" link and entering you username and password.

2. Helpdesk

2.1. How can I contact the EACI ERS helpdesk?

For ERS and IT related questions, the Experts IT helpdesk can be contacted by sending an email to EACI ERS Helpdesk. If you have one, please include your candidature number in all emails.

3. Registration

3.1. On the registration screen, what does the "reminder" field mean?

In this field you can enter a phrase that can later help you remember your password. You can view this reminder phrase by choosing the "Forgot password" button on the login screen and then choosing the "View" button.

3.2. What does this message mean: "The username you have entered is similar to an username already registered on the Experts database …" ?

To avoid duplicate registrations, the system checks your registration details with existing records. A new record cannot be created if strong similarities exist, for example, the same username or similar personal details.

4. Login

4.1. I have forgotten my password.

At the login screen, enter your username and choose the "Forgot password" button. You then have two options:
- "View": choose this button to display your password reminder, as entered in the "Reminder" field at registration.
- "Send": choose this button to receive an email containing your password. The email is sent to your first email address as entered in the "Email 1" field in the Personal Details screen.

4.2. I get the message "Your account has been blocked."

User accounts are blocked after 3 failed login attempts. To unblock it, you need to contact the EACI ERS Helpdesk, including your candidature number if you have one.

4.3. I have forgotten my username.

Contact the EACI ERS Helpdesk, stating your exact name, date of birth and candidature number if you have one. Your login details will then be emailed to you.

4.4. The password and username sent to me by the helpdesk do not work.

Before contacting the helpdesk, try to log in by copying and pasting the information from the mail into the correct fields on the login page to avoid any typing errors. Make sure that you do not select any spaces before or after your username and password, otherwise the system will not be able to find you in the user database.

4.5. I've lost my password and the email address I entered in my candidature is not valid anymore.

In this case, send an email with your candidature number to the EACI ERS Helpdesk. If you do not have your number, please include your exact name and birth date.

4.6. Can I change my username and password?

You can change your password by connecting to your candidature and clicking the edit-button on the left side of data block 1. Username and password.

5. Completing the forms

5.1. What happens if I do not fill in all the fields? Can I complete the application later?

You do not have to complete all your details immediately. Your record remains available at all times for completion or updating. However, bear in mind that your will only receive a registration acknowledgement email and candidature number once all mandatory fields have been filled. Also, only completed records are considered for the selection of experts.

5.2. How can I enter more than 3 languages in the Linguistics Skills screen?

Enter your first three languages on this screen and add any additional language skills in data block 8, Field 41. "Additional Information".

5.3. Will ERS be available in languages other than English?

This is not currently planned.

5.4. How can I print all the data I have entered?

The "View the C.V." screen contains a "Print" button.

5.5. How do I select a programme field?

You can select maximum 6 programme fields. Choose the field(s) for which your expertise would be most suitable to act as an expert for evaluation activities.

In data block 5 "Programme fields and keywords", click on the icon which opens the Programme Field menu screen.

► You can directly access the programme field(s) by clicking on .
- Click on the programme field you would like to select.
- The programme field appears in the field(s) N° 1- N°6 below.
- "Save" the form will save your programme fields and brings you back to the main menu of the data block 5.
- Should you wish for opt for several programme fields (max 6), you can repeat this process several times.

► Alternative, you can use the search screen on the left hand side of the screen.
- Enter a descriptive term in the box called 'Descriptors' and click the 'Search' button.
- The system will search for all the programme fields that contain the term(s) that you have entered. The result will be displayed in the 'Search result' box below.
- From these search results, click on the programme field which is most suitable for your expertise. ! If programme fields are structured in several levels, DO NOT select the items with the pictogramme in the Programme fields tree (these are headers).
- Use the "Add to the selection" button.
- The programme field appears in the data fields N° 1- N°6 below.
- "Save" will save your programme fields and brings you back to the main page of data block 5.

You can correct your choices by again clicking the icon and use the 'clear' function.

5.6. How do I select my keywords?

You will wish to select a series of keywords which are most suitable to describe your expertise - in total, your keywords are limited to 1.000 characters.
In data block 5 "Programme fields and keywords", click on the icon which opens the Keyword menu screen.

► You can directly access the pre-defined keywords. Where given, click on .
- Click on the keyword that you would like to select.
- The system automatically closes this menu screen.
- On the main page of the data block 5 your key word appears next to the icon – click "Add" to make it part of your key word list which will then appear underneath.
- You can repeat this process several times.

► Alternatively, you can use the search screen on the left hand side of the screen.
- Enter a descriptive term in the box called 'Descriptors' and click the 'Search' button
- The system will then search for all the keywords that contain the terms that you have entered. The result will be displayed in the 'Search Results' box below.
- From these search results, click on the keyword which is most suitable for your expertise. If keywords are structured in several levels, DO NOT select the items with the pictogramme in the pre-defined keywords tree (these are headers).
- Use the "add to the selection" button. This closes the screen and you are back on the main page of the data block 5.
- Your key word appears next to the icon – click "Add" to make it part of your key word list which will then appear underneath. You can do this process several times.
- You can repeat this process several times.
- "Save" the form when you are ready.

You can correct your choice(s) by using the 'Remove keyword' button on your list.

5.7. I would like to apply as an expert and I do not find my main expertise in the pre-defined keywords. What should I do?

Please check again the list of pre-defined keywords. You may in addition add keywords in data block 5, Question 27 as Freestyle Keyword. There you can enter any keywords that best describe your specialist expertise (max 1000 characters).
Type your text in the field and click 'Add' to have the keyword appear. "Save" the form when you are ready.

5.8. What are the language skills required of an expert?

Experts are expected to have language skills appropriate for reading and understanding the proposals and/or project reports in the language in which they are submitted. In reality, this means that a good knowledge of English in reading, speaking and writing is absolutely essential and a good knowledge of other European languages is welcome.

6. Process of your candidature

6.1. When do I receive an acknowledgement of my registration?

Once all mandatory fields have been filled, your account becomes active and is given a candidature number. You will receive an email confirming your registration and containing this candidature number. The email is sent to the address entered in the "Email 1" field in the Personal Details screen. If an incorrect email address has been entered, you will not receive the acknowledgement email.

6.2. When receiving my candidature number, what should I do with it?

It is important to keep a careful record of your candidature number. Once you have received this number you are requested to mention it in every email sent to the helpdesk and in all communication with the EACI in matters regarding your candidature.

6.3. I have lost my candidature number. What can I do?

You can find your candidature number by connecting to your candidature on https://ec.europa.eu/eaci/ers. Once connected to your candidature you will find your candidature number in the main menu just below the logout-button. It is a number starting with EX2008.
Please note that you will not be attributed a candidature before your candidature is completed! In case that you are unable to connect to your candidature you can contact the EACI ERS Helpdesk with the exact name, birth date and email address that you used when you registered your candidature.

6.5. I have completed my registration. What happens next?

You will be contacted directly if you are selected to take part in any particular activity. The selection of experts depends on each EACI programmes who calls the experts according to its needs. Further details on the selection procedure can be found in section 8.

7. Technical information and time-out

7.1. How long do I have before a session times out?

If you are logged into ERS and do not press any buttons for 90 minutes, your session will expire and you will be asked to log in again.

7.2. What settings are required for my browser?

Before you try to login to ERS , we suggest you:
- Clear your memory cache (delete temporary internet files)
- Enable cookies
- Eable JavaScript

The site will not function correctly without these settings.

7.3. Which bookmark should I use for ERS?

For security reasons, you must login every time you access ERS . Please only bookmark this URL: https://ec.europa.eu/eaci/ers. Bookmarking any other page after login will prevent you from accessing your data correctly.

7.4. When I save the CV page (Data Block 7, Question 36-38) , I get the following message: "An error has occurred, the site administrator has been notified”.

In this case an error has occurred in the functioning of the site and an email is sent to the site technical support that solve any such irregularities. If you get this message, firstly check each point mentioned in these FAQ regarding browser settings. Then re-try starting from https://ec.europa.eu/eaci/ers. On the “CV” page, there are several long questions. When copy-pasting from your CV to this form it is possible to introduce characters that interfere with saving the data correctly. In this case, it is advisable to put a short text in each mandatory field and save before adding the larger texts one by one. If the problem persists, please contact the EACI ERS Helpdesk.

8. General information on experts' appointment and conditions

8.1. Is there any remuneration provided for the experts?

Remuneration will be in the form of a payment per day worked, plus travel and subsistence expenses. A daily payment of € 450 may be claimed, if required. If selected to serve as an expert, the person will be sent an appointment letter with all the terms and conditions (including a declaration on confidentiality and conflicts of interest) before he/she is allowed to start work. The expert is informed that the appointment letter is neither a public procurement nor a service contract. It is not a payment for the supply of services to the EACI. Therefore, it is not subject to VAT and the EACI does not provide the expert with a VAT exemption on supplies of goods and services or the consignments of goods to eligible institutions/individuals referred to in Article 15(10) of Directive 77/388/EEC and Article 23(1) of Directive 92/12/EEC (1510 form). Important: The contract is between the expert and the EACI, who does not intervene in any agreement between the employer and the expert.

8.2 What is the amount of work requested from an expert?

Evaluations usually take place in the context of short sessions lasting a maximum of around 10 days a year. These may be in Brussels or carried out remotely (i.e. at the evaluator's home or place of work). The number of proposals which an expert deals with depends very much on each area. This may involve travel 2 or 3 times to Brussels.

8.3. When shall I know if I have been selected to assist the EACI as an expert?

If you have fully completed your application form detailing your professional experience and registered in the database as a prospective expert, the EACI will inform you in due course if you have been selected. This will be on the condition that there are proposals requiring your particular expertise to evaluate or projects to review. This could be at any time during the duration multi-annual framework programmes (i.e. up to the end of 2013). The services of evaluation of finished or ongoing activities or evaluation of the programmes may also be requested as long as there are still project contracts funded by the multi-annual work programmes which are not yet finally terminated.

8.4. If I register in the database, does it mean that I will be appointed as an expert?

Registration as an expert in the experts' database does not guarantee automatic selection.
The selection, which is made by the EACI services, not only depends on the skills of an individual expert but also on the EACI's requirement to match these skills to the proposals received or projects to review. Furthermore, a balance in view of gender and nationalities will be sought and a rotation of experts will be respected. Foremost, the EACI pay utmost attention to appoint experts without any conflict of interest. All applicants who complete their application are entered into the database, but this does not mean that they will necessarily be appointed. There will be a number of persons having applied which will never be contacted.

8.5. I have applied in order to be selected as an expert. Do I have the right at the same time to submit a proposal?

When an expert is appointed, he/she is asked to sign a declaration stating exactly which proposals he/she has a link with and which may create a conflict of interest. He/she also undertakes to inform the EACI should he/she have a conflict of interest with any proposal he/she is asked to examine.
Important: The EACI will ensure that the appointed experts do not have a conflict of interest.

8.6. Can a person coming from a third country apply to be an expert?

A person coming from a third country is free and welcome to submit an application to assist the EACI as an external expert.

8.7. If I am selected, can I subsequently refuse to work for the EACI for whatever reason?

It is always possible to decline an invitation to act as an expert. Obviously, it is best if this is done as early as possible. The EACI will usually contact external experts before sending a formal appointment letter, so it is possible to decline the invitation at this stage. When the expert receives the appointment letter of the EACI and for some reason he/she is not able to attend during some or all of the days proposed for the evaluation, he/she must contact the EACI's services immediately. Evidently, an expert must always refuse to evaluate a proposal if he/she feels that there would be a conflict of interest in doing so.


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